2008 Montecristo Sublimes Edicion Limitada cigars are here

The 2008 Montecristo Sublimes Edicion Limitada are finally here. This is the second time in history that a Cuban cigar brand has selected the Sublime size (Last time it was the Cohiba). At 6 1/2 inches and with a ring gauge of 54, this is definitely a Habano to cherish.

The Montecristo Sublimes are also aged for about three years so you can enjoy the rich and full flavor of this historical Cuban cigar brand..The 2008 Montecristo Sublimes are presented in a box of 10 for your convenience. When the Cohiba Sublimes came out, they were a massive hit, let’s see what the 2008 Montecristo Sublimes are going to do.