The Juan Lopez cigars

In 1876, Juan Lopez Sena created the Juan Lopez brand; in 1908, the brand was transferred to his heirs, and was then sold to the Sociedad C. Del Peso y Cнa. In 1918.

The Juan Lopez is one of the few Cuban cigars that is still only made by hand (hecho a mano). Although the brand is offered in a limited number of styles, it is said to be one of the best handmade Havana cigars produced. Medium in flavor, this cigar is attractive to all Cuban cigar smokers.

Another great reason to try out the Juan Lopez Cuban cigars is that they age very well. When you give them about ten to twelve years, the overall flavor becomes very attractive. In fact, the Juan Lopez brand was voted one of the most preferred Cuban cigar brand to age in a personal humidor.

If you like mild to medium flavored Cuban cigars, than this is the brand that begs to be sampled by you. One of our personal favorite here at the Vancouver Cigar Company is the Juan Lopez Seleccion No 2. If you like the ‘Robusto’ size, than the Juan Lopez Seleccion No 2 is a great way to experience this truly amazing brand.

Many cigar enthusiasts just like you consider the Juan Lopez Seleccion No 2 as their ‘daily cigar’. The Juan Lopez brand doesn’t just produce fine Cuban cigars, it creates ‘magic’ on your palette.

Romeo Y Julieta cigars – the passion continues

The third most popular Cuban cigar in the world is the Romeo Y Julieta. It is also fairly popular in England due to it’s connection with William Shakespeare. Yes it was named after that tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet. They offer a huge choice of different shapes and sizes (over 38 shapes and sizes). Many of them come in aluminum casing and a large number of them are machine made too.

Since the Romeo’s come in so many different sizes, a lot of people think that it’s just another brand, but some of the best Cuban cigars in the world can be found in Romeo Y Julietas. In fact, the romeo y julieta is just as often featured in movies just like the Montecristo’s and Cohibas. The Churchill size seems to does it for a lot the fans of this brand.

This was the brainchild of Rodriquez Fernandez or “Pepin” as he was known around the Cabanas factory in Havana. Things seem to be going great for Mr.Fernandez (He was the manager) but when his dear little factory was taken over by American Tobacco in 1903, he set out to start his own brand. With nothing but pure passion for Cuban Cigars and few hundreds in saving, he bought a tiny factory that made a brand called the Romeo Y Julieta. Although initially they only sold their cuban cigars in Cuba, Fernandez had much bigger dreams. In less than 3 years, the Romeo Y Julieta was in the hands of almost 90% of royal monarchs and other respected dignitaries in England.

Fernandez even put an offer down for the House of Capulet in Verona. Same place where William Shakespeare’s play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was first presented to the world. Although he couldn’t really get that, he was offered a table under that infamous balcony. Did you know that until 1939, everyone who visited the House of Capulet was given a free cigar as a sign of respect for William Shakespeare’s play.

The Romeo Y Julieta cigars are just as inspiring and heartfelt as the phenomenal play they were named after. These cigars are made with the up most Cuban craftsmanship give out delicious aromas. The Romeo’s have won countless awards since they started – a true classic.

Guantanamera Cuban cigars revealed

The Guantanamera cigars can be considered somewhat of a recent inclusion in the already fine line of existing Cuban tobacco products. The Guantanameras are the cigars of choice for beginners who are just getting into smoking Cubans. The size is perfect for the newbie and the taste is exquisite yet mild.

Guantanamera is Cuba’s way to get more people to try out fine Cuban cigars. It’s easy on the taste buds and offers tremendous value for the budding cigar enthusiast.

Although it was created in 2002, it has quickly gained it’s own following around the world. Being one of the few Cuban cigars that are machine made, makes it a perfect choice for people who just want to take a quick dabble in to the world of Cuban Cigars.

They are made in the same factory as Cuba’s new “minis,” or miniature cigars. Guantanamera is made with Vuelta Arriba, the key tobacco region in the west end of the island. It is a type of short-filler tobacco that is just perfect for the Guantanamera.

The Guantanamera Cuban cigars are perfect for the first timer or if you are on the go.

Cohiba Esplendidos review

Cohiba Esplendidos are in a class of their own. Since the Cohiba brand went public back in 1982, it has been embraced by the Cigar enthusiasts with open arms. They are known to get better with time but are perfect right out of the case. They feature a very smooth and clean ring and a just as smooth draw that gets stronger as you reach the end of this might Cuban cigar.

This phenomenal Cuban cigar represents everything that the Cohiba team has learned when it comes to hand rolling the perfect cigar. The taste is very deep, extremely rich, and ‘mucho’ generous.

The burn on the Cohiba Esplendido is very smooth and the draw is very easy and pleasant – gently spreading the most perfect aroma upon each puff.

The Esplendido is a brilliant cigar that is quite crisp and has somewhat of a spicy flavor to it. Just like a good cigar should, even the strong white ash is kept well in it’s place.

Smoking the Cohiba Esplendido is like smoking delicious toasted cinnamon with strong aromas of earthy chocolate. Considered to be one of the finest Cigars in the Cuban bunch. If you are looking for sixty minutes of pure relaxation and bliss, the Cohiba Esplendido is the treat that you’ve been waiting for. The Cohiba Esplendido is one of Vancouver cigar company’s favorites.

Bolivar gold cigars

This powerful brand first came about in 1901. Bolivar cigars are popular for it’s strong flavor, appropriately named after Simon Bolivar. Simon Bolivar was a celebrated leader who brought the gift of freedom to a lot of South American countries. The Bolivar cigar represents the strong personality of this great general.

Although the Bolivar is known for it’s strong earthy and creamy taste, critics sometime suggest that aging can really take the Bolivar Gold in particular to the next level. However, don’t let that distract you from the ever so complicated aromas produced by the Bolivar Gold. The packaging on this cigar is also very visually pleasing.

Many enthusiasts have suggested that they’ve felt aromas and very attractive smells from some unknown previous time. The smoke produced by the Bolivar Gold will literally take your senses to another world. If you prefer more Ligero (Ligero Cubano) leaves in your Cuban cigars, than the Bolivar Gold might not cut it for you.

As much as the taste is what some cigar aficionados literally gloat about and rightfully so, the construction of the Bolivar Gold has come under fire by some purists. That is why aging is highly suggested on the Bolivar Gold. If you like young cigars, than The Bolivar Gold is nothing short of a miracle. If you age these beauties in a humidor for some years, than prepare to enjoy one of the best cigars you’ll ever have.

The Bolivar Gold is for you if you want to experience the strongest earthy flavors that you never thought existed. This cigar is meant for those who don’t fear the unknown – and in this case, they say it’s beautiful.

Discover Ramon Allones Cigars

Ramon Allones Cigars are enjoyed by cigar aficionados throughout the world because of their great taste and quality but the company itself has quite an interesting background that deserves some looking into.

Raymond Allones, owner of the La Eminencia factory originally came from Spain and developed the brand over 170 years ago. One of the more interesting things that they did is to add some color to their cigar boxes in the form of lithographs in order to have their brand stand out from the rest that were available.

Of course, the quality and flavor that is found in the cigars is enough to set it apart on its own. There are several different Raymon Allones Cigars that are available including the Belvederes, the Specially Selected and the Gigantes.

Each of these has its own unique flavor due to the different sizes with the Specially Selected at 4 7/8 x 50, and Belvedere at 4 7/8 x 39, and the Gigantes at 7 5/8 x 49. For those that enjoy the smoke that they get from the Gigantes but would like it in a smaller package, they also have the Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas which has a very similar taste to the Gigantes but comes in at only 4 ½ x 42.

Unfortunately, many individuals who enjoy smoking cigars on a regular basis are unable to enjoy a Ramon Allones cigar because of the embargo between the United States and Cuba. One of the only ways that you will be able to enjoy one of these premium Cuban cigars if you live in the United States is to travel to another country and enjoy one there.

Although it is still illegal for a United States citizen to enjoy a cigar from Cuba regardless of where they are in the world, many people sneak a forbidden smoke in this way.

Trevor’s Top Three Cuban Cigars

Trevor Wallace is the manager of the Vancouver Cigar Company and has been a cigar aficionado for over 10 years.

Below you will find Trevor’s Top Three Cuban cigars of all time.

After smoking Cuban cigars for some time, I guess you can say that my palette is somewhat experienced and it doesn’t take me long to truly appreciate the flavors of a particular Cuban cigar.

Here I would like to talk about my three all-time-favorite Cuban cigars.

Cohiba Robusto:
The Cohiba Robustos is one of the most desired Habanos on the market. First of all I love the size, a robusto looks and feels good in your hand, it also allows for a great draw.

There are only nine true Cuban robustos and this one is the most complex, generally because of its strength and excellent blend. I find it has a dark chocolate base, from which many other flavors arise, including those of almonds, nutmeg and pepper.

Montecristo No 2:
The Cuban Montecristo No. 2 cigar is always a treat to come back to, and is consistently one of my favorite Cuban cigars. Those who prefer the No. 2, find all the virtues from the Cuban Montecristo brand in this vitola.

Flavors like cedar and coffee are prevalent, with notes of cinnamon hinted throughout the smoke. I generally think that it’s best Piramide sized Cuban cigar.

Romeo Y Julieta Churchill:
The Churchill is quite a strong cigar, especially compared to other models from the Cuban Romeo Y Julieta brand, and for those smokers who are not experienced, it may take some time to really appreciate its taste.

Strong, but at the same time smooth, you taste an overall nutty flavor, with a citrus undertone. The last two inches are very powerful and do smoke with a stronger, peppery taste.

Machine made Cuban cigars

If you are new to Cuban cigar smoking and are a little intimidated by the size of an average Cuban cigar, try a machine made cuban cigar. Machine made Cuban cigars are like little cigarettes that contain shredded Cuban tobacco (Hand rolled Cuban cigars contain the whole tobacco leaf). Much of the processing is done by a machine hence the name ‘machine made cigars’. Again, avoid inhaling smoke even if you are trying out a machine made Cuban cigar.

Machine made cigars are just as big as any other cigarette but still not designed to inhale into the lungs. A machine made Cuban cigar is a great ‘gateway’ cigar to all other premium hand-rolled Cuban cigar.Sometimes people get machine made Cuban cigars if they are very short on time and only have ten to fifteen minutes to spare. They are also more affordable than the hand-rolled version so if you are running a little short – you can always enjoy a machine rolled Cuban cigar.

Of course the quality of a hand-rolled Havana cigar is nothing compared to the machine rolled Cuban cigar but for the first timer, it is still a wonderful experience. Today over eighteen Cuban cigar brands offer machine rolled Cuban cigars. If you must try a machine rolled cigar, pick from one of the Cuban brands as they are the only kind that contain 100% Cuban tobacco (Unlike the American machine rolled cigars that have several fillers).

We are currently living in some wonderful times as you can not only try hand rolled Cuban cigars but machine rolled cigars too. Regardless of your budget, taste or style, today anyone can enjoy the precious Cuban tobacco.

H. Upmann and Sir Winston Churchill connection

Cuban cigars have always been a popular accessory among the sophisticated and the elite. From superstars of the entertainment industry, to well known and powerful politicians, the Cuban cigar has always been associated with what is best in life. However, when it comes to famous politicians, the H. Upmann brand seems to be the one that truly stands out.

The H. Upmann is one of those special brands that is sought after by a particular group of Cuban cigar aficionados who appreciate a medium yet smooth flavor. This Cuban brand was the “one” for many famous politicians such as Sir Winston Churchill (Who inspired the name for the H. Upmann Churchill size) and John F. Kennedy. I guess their is something about it that calms the mind down when dealing with high stress political situations and conflict.

H. Upmann’s were created way back in 1844. It was a banker named Herman who had an undeniable love for Cuban cigars. Herman realized his dream of owning a Cuban cigar factory by opening up his very own in Cuba. The business was so successful that they did it for forty years. In fact, if you get a chance to go to Cuba, take a tour of this factory. As it is one of the oldest and regular manufacturers of Cuban cigars.

Mr. Herman started a great brand that inspired many great leaders such as Sir Winston Churchill, J.F.K and many more. The various sizes and flavors that the H. Upmann brand presents itself is truly a treat.

Cuban cigars and human creativity

Since its introduction, cigars and Cuban cigars have found their very own special place in various fields within the American culture. When Hollywood realized the prestige behind a fine Cuban cigar, this timeless piece of Cuban art has been considered to be behind the success of many famous men and women in the field of art, literature and entertainment. Famous American author William Makepeace Thackeray actually called the cigar “the great un-somber of secrets”. It is known that William smoked constantly while he wrote his timeless classics. He would take a few puffs, than place the remaining part of his cigar on the mantle and continue writing. It was like he just got injected by a sudden boost of instant creativity.

Stories like these are not uncommon to the regular cigar smoker. Even William’s good friend Charles Dickens was a great fan of cigars, so much so that a cigar brand was named after him, called ‘The Pickwick’. Another famous entity, an American author named Samuel Clemens, or better known to us as Mark Twain, regularly smoked cigars while he wrote. Cigars began to get really popular but Cuban Cigars exploded!

As soon as Hollywood was established, a new era began to bloom, the beginning of the American entertainment industry. It was glamorous, it was at the peak of its creativity and celebrities full of cigars. The Cuban cigar became a dramatic prop in American showbiz, especially Cuban cigars. With people like Charlie Chaplin, W.C Fields continuing the tradition, the Cuban cigar became anonymous with creativity and success. Somewhat recently, Jack Nicholson mentioned that Cubans, especially Romeo y Julietas, Cohiba Robustons and Montecristos help him concentrate and calm his nerves down.

Most great men credit fine Cuban cigars played a crucial part in their success. However, the pleasure of cigars is not just limited to men. Powerful and beautiful women such as Better Midler, Madonna, Demi Moore and other famous female celebrities are well known to enjoy a fine Cuban cigar every now and then. Most recently, ‘All women’ cigar clubs are being formed from New York to San Francisco. Women are definitely the next big market for cigars. It is said that a women smoking a cigar is considered a sexual renegade, someone empowered, someone who carves their own path in life.

With countless stories and statements from the elite in the art & entertainment industry, one thing is for sure, there is a definite connection between creativity and Cuban cigars. A connection, that is not just divine but a true gift from the cigar gods.