New Partagas Salomones La Casa Del Habanos

From the Havana House press release:

Exclusively aimed at La Casa del Habano stores worldwide, Partagas will unveil a highly appreciated size among the Habanos lovers: the Salomones. This size recreates the style of cigars that existed in the 19th century, when Habanos tapered at both ends became fashionable.

Because of their complex manufacture, the double figurados are at the peak of the roller’s cigar-making art. If only for that reason, they deserve to be a part of the selection of every aficionado who prides himself of it.
Manufactured with the best leaves from the region of Vuelta Abajo in Cuba and submitted to a rigorous selection, the Partagas Salomones stand out for their excellent taste and full flavor, with an evolution and complexity in their smoking that will be enjoyed by Habanos lovers.

Presented in boxes of 10 units each and with the traditional full flavour of Partagas, they are a very valuable option for the true Habano enthusiasts, who will find an attractive format in its 184 mm in the length and 57 ring gauge that will please the most demanding smokers.

Brand new and in stock, the Cuaba Limited Edition Piramid 2008

Cuaba Pirámide – (6 1/8 x 52) – Box of 10

Habanos S.A. is proud to introduce the first Edición Limitada to the Cuaba line. The Pirámide Edición Limitada will fit well within the tapered sizes of this brand.

Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial new in 2008

The new Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial is a wonderful vitola measuring 5 1/2″ and a 50 ring gauge, which is a size that has become increasingly popular. The Epicure Especial is smooth yet very full-flavored, and is sure to become a new classic.

Cuban cigar enthusiasts will not only enjoy the new vitola, but also it’s new presentation with the new Epicure Especial double label.
The Epicure Especial is the new flagship of the Epicure Line, and it encompasses all the signature flavors and subtleties that made the Epicure #1 and Epicure #2 stand out cigars within the Hoyo brand.

2008 Montecristo Sublimes Edicion Limitada cigars are here

The 2008 Montecristo Sublimes Edicion Limitada are finally here. This is the second time in history that a Cuban cigar brand has selected the Sublime size (Last time it was the Cohiba). At 6 1/2 inches and with a ring gauge of 54, this is definitely a Habano to cherish.

The Montecristo Sublimes are also aged for about three years so you can enjoy the rich and full flavor of this historical Cuban cigar brand..The 2008 Montecristo Sublimes are presented in a box of 10 for your convenience. When the Cohiba Sublimes came out, they were a massive hit, let’s see what the 2008 Montecristo Sublimes are going to do.

Bolivar Short Bolivar 2008 Regional Editions for Asia-Pacific

Bolivar Short Bolivar

This unique size of a Petit Edmundo was chosen as it has never existed in this brand. The Pacific Cigar Company is hoping to give its Asia Pacific smokers the full signature taste of Bolivar from the first puff. It is a short but complex & robust smoke that is for the most demanding smokers. This Bolivar Short will make for a great “after lunch” or “drinks before dinner” smoke. Packaged in Cabinets of 25 cigars. Each box is serial numbered (7,400 boxes).

Vancouver Cigar Company is proud to have aquired a few boxes of these Bolivar Short Bolivars, they will be available exclusively in Canada and the Asia Pacific Region for the next 2 years.

You can see the Bolivar Short Bolivar in our shopping cart here

Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra 2008 Regional Editions for Asia-Pacific

Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra

This cigar has all the trademark aromatic caramel sweetness, cloaked in a shroud of complexity waiting to be discovered by cigar aficionados. Its size makes for a full flavored smoke. These cigars have a double ring band and are packaged in Cabinets of 25. Each box is serial numbered. Due to the limited quantities (7,400 boxes) produced, these cigars are sure to be much sought after by cigar aficionados and collectors worldwide.

The Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra can be seen here Vancouver Cigar does have limited quantities of these great new Edicion Regionale.

Vegas Robaina Cuban cigars

This brand bears the name of the property of the best Cuban tobacco grower, Don Alejandro Robaina, whose family of tobacco growers set up in the tobacco region of San Luis during the middle of the last century. The San Luis area has the finest tobacco plantations and wrapper tobacco of the Vuelta Abajo region.

Don Alejandro’s father, Maruto Robaina, was considered the finest tobacco grower in the country. In 1950, upon the death of Maruto Robaina, Don Alejandro took charge of the plantations, which have produced and continue to produce the wrapper used to manufacture Habanos cigars.

Approximately 30% of the tobacco exported from Pinar del Rio province uses Vegas Robaina (Robaina Tobacco plantation) wrapper, making the plantation a tobacco legend.

The Vegas Robaina brand is one of hidden gems in the Cuban cigar world.


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