2008 is the year of Cohiba!

Havana, April 2008: Habanos (Where real Cuban cigars are made) has just released that they are going to be dedicating 2008 to Cohiba. Sublimes Extra is the vitola chosen by Habanos s.a. for the Cohiba Habanos Collection. As usual this case resembles a book and it represents the Volume No. 8 of this Special Serie.

This case contains 20 Sublimes Extra cigars (girth 54 and 184 mm long), a size especially designed for this collection to be remembered as one of the greatest smokes ever within the brand. A considerable length, a beautiful girth comprising a well balanced blend, an excellent draw, a refined aroma and the Cohiba´s unique taste are the features that really stands out in this release.

Leaves used in the making of Cohiba cigars are the “selection of the selection” and come from the San Juan y Martinez and San Luis zones of the Vuelta Abajo region. Cohiba also has one feature which makes it stand out over the rest of Habano brands: Two of Cohiba’s filler leaves, the seco and ligero, undergo a third fermentation in barrels, which adds smoothness to the blend.

Its production limited to only 1000 cases, made by Cuban craftsmen, results in a very sought-after item for those who looks for the exclusivity and it will be available in the next months in the Casas del Habano outlets worldwide.

Limited Edition Cuban cigars selected for 2008 – Cuban Cigar Blog

Havana, April 2008: Montecristo Sublimes , Cuaba Piramides and Partagas Serie D No 5, 2008 are the brands and sizes selected for this year’s Limited Editions which will be at the markets by the end of the year. The Limited Editions will continue keeping all the leaves (filler, binder and wrapper) aged at least for two years.

Cuaba Piramides (Girth 52 x 156 mm in the length). In keeping with the rest of the tapered sizes of the brand, Cuaba is having a Limited Edition for the first time, and it´s releasing the pyramids which are packed in Semi Plain boxes with 25 sticks in two layers.

Montecristo Sublimes (Girth 54 x 164 mm in the length) This size was first presented as part of the 2004 Limited Edition in the Cohiba brand. Now, Montecristo brings it back with its characteristic blend. A Habano to remember, respectfully long, with a proper draw and ready to show forth the notably medium to full flavor of said brand. Cigars will be packaged in SBN boxes comprising 25 units.

Partagas Series D No 5 (Girth 50 x 110 mm in the length) All the flavor of Partagas locked in this small yet powerful smoke allowing us to feel the Partagas taste. The Series Lines from Partagas have become a guide due to the recognition of Series D No 4 and the most recent pyramid: the Series P No 2. Presented in SBN boxes with 25 cigars placed in two layers.

Since 2000, Habanos s.a. has been releasing Limited Editions within the most prestigious brands such as Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Partagas, Hoyo de Monterrey and H.Upmann.

The Limited Edition distinguishes itself for the inclusion of sizes which are not part of the usual range of the brand, and is characterized by a special manufacture. The careful selection of a two-year aged wrapper from the upper level of the plant grants it a darker color and turns this product into something unique.

Binder and filler leaves used for the making of the Limited Editions cigars have been aged for two years as well. Because of its very special features, the Limited Edition is manufactured in small quantities, which makes it a particularly appreciated pleasure for the most demanding smokers.

The 2008 Limited Editions must be commercialized through the markets by the last trimester of the year.

Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios, Cuba’s best cigar of 2007.

From March 14, 2008:

Last year Cuba introduced the long-awaited and first appearance of a true Cuban Maduro in the Cohiba Maduro 5 line.  The new Cohiba’s were released in three unique sizes, the Secretos size 4 3/8″ x 40 ring gauge, the Magico size 4 1/2″ x 52, and the largest Genios at 5 1/2″ x 52.

I prefer larger cigars, and prefer taking the extra time for the larger cigars, so naturally I was most interested in smoking the Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios.  The first one I smoked was last April, before they were available in Canada, when a friend brought them back from Cuba.

I was very skeptical that the new, much anticipated Cohiba would live up to expectations.  I’m of the mind that the wrapper of the cigar does not add much flavor to the smoke, because the bulk of the blend is in the filler.  The wrapper is all about aesthetic for me, and I love the look of a dark cigar, but I’ve smoked a lot of mild, flavorless cigars that had a maduro wrapper.  So, I was not really expecting anything much different from the regular Cohiba’s, or even the Edition Limitadas which are also characterized by a dark wrapper.

The first thing I noticed was the smell, even before I lit the cigar.  It had a rich, dark chocolate smell, which I find common amongst most Cohibas, however with the Maduro Genios the smell was much more intense, and delightful.  This smell translated to a real full-bodied warm taste of chocolate and cedar when the Cohiba Genio was lit.

I didn’t find the smoke to be too complicated throughout, it pretty much maintained it’s initial flavor and got fuller as I smoked it down.  I found this to be quite pleasurable actually because the flavor, in my opinion was perfect from the beginning.  It smoked for just over an hour before I left the last 3/4s of an inch sit.

Since that first Genios, I’ve tried the other Cohiba Maduro 5’s, but I always come back to the Genios.  Over last year, the Cohiba Genios aged well, enhancing the flavors that were already so beautifully tasty.  I would have to say that the Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios has been my favorite cigar of the past year.

H.Upmann Habanos Collection press release – Cuban Cigar Blog

From November 7, 2007:

H.Upmann Cigars

Habanos s.a. will launch the Habanos Collection to the world market. As usual this case resembles a book that has resulted from the expert hands and great skill of Cuban craftsmen.

Volume No. 7 of the Habanos Collection, dedicated this time to the prestigious H. Upmann brand, will be launched to the market for full enjoyment of the lovers of this brand. H.Upmann‘s exceptional quality has set the standard for premium cigars since it was born as a brand in 1844, reaching an important position in the world of Habanos.

All leaves in H. Upmann are from the Vuelta Abajo tobacco region and they are long filler, premium cigars totally hand made. Its excellence regarding the quality of their cigars are shown in the shape of gold medals in no less than eleven international exhibitions during the 19th Century.

This case contains 20 “Magnum Especial” cigars (girth 55 and 155 mm long), a size especially designed for this collection to be enjoyed with intensity and quietude. Its production limited to only 500 cases results in a very exclusive item for those who looks for perfection.

Appealing to connoisseurs who prefer a light to medium smoke, unmistakably found in the brand, this beautiful collection will be available in the next months in the Casas del Habano outlets worldwide.


Each attendee to the X Festival del Habano Gala Dinner (February 2008) received a luxury cedar case containing the ten most successful cigars introduced during the history of Festivals.

Many cigar lovers and distributors asked Habanos to produce it on a commercial basis. Only 20,000 cases will be produced.

Perfect for a gift, or for the avid collector, this beautiful limited run case includes the following Cuban Cigars:

Cohiba Siglo VI, Cohiba Genios, Montecristo Edmundo, Partagas Serie P No. 2, Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills, Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial, H. Upmann Magnum 50, Trinidad Robustos Extra, San Cristobal Mercaderes, Cuaba Generosos.

This is what Habanos has to say about this amazing new release:

With 20 000 cases available, it comprises the most exclusive vitolas of Habanos brands launched in the last editions of the Habanos Festival. Exclusively aimed at Las Casas del Habano and Habanos Specialists stores.

During the Gala Night of the past Habano Festival, held in February, 2008 a special case was gifted to attendants in occasion of the commemoration of the X anniversary of the Habano Festivals. This case was designed to have a selection of the most exclusive vitolas launched by Habanos s.a. in the last 10 years, including new products as well.

Due to the demand and the immediate success of this initiative, it was decided to launch a replica of said case in order to be commercialized exclusively at Las Casas del Habano and Habanos Specialists stores.

These Habanos are packaged in luxury black-lacquered, cabinet-shaped cases, with a selection of 10 cigars listed as follows:

* Montecristo Edmundo (Ring Gauge 52 x 135 mm long)
* Trinidad Robustos Extra (Ring Gauge 50 x 155 mm long)
* Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios (Ring Gauge 52 x 140 mm long)
* H.Upmann Magnum 50 (Ring Gauge 50 x 160 mm long))
* Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills (Ring Gauge 50 x 124 mm long)
* Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial (Ring Gauge 50 x 141 mm long)
* Partagás Serie P No 2 (Ring Gauge 52 x 156 mm long)
* Cohiba Siglo VI (Ring Gauge 52 x 150 mm long)
* San Cristóbal de la Habana Mercaderes (Ring Gauge 48 x 167 mm long)
* Cuaba Generosos (Ring Gauge 42 x 132 mm long)

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