A record 30 Edicion Regionales will be produced in 2009

The Edicion Regionales program started in 2005 with only three national distributors each being awarded a single different cigar to sell to their territory. With it’s growing demand, Cuba has increased Edicion Regionale production over the years, and 2009 will be a record with 30 different cigars, to be offered by 15 different manufacturers!

Obtaining a Regional Edition from Cuba is a detailed process. Each April, distributors are invited to place bids, and certain guidelines apply. First, the brand name must be selected from a list of 17 different Cuban brands.  Second, the size must be one that is in current production, although obviously not in use in the chosen brand. (There are some new sizes recently introduced in leading brands that are not permitted.) Third, the packaging must also be standard, although distributors are allowed to innovate, provided they incur any addition expense. Lastly, there is a limit to how many sizes can be awarded to each distributor, and a minimum order for each size.

Habanos, S.A. then decides which sizes to award to which distributors and the results are announced at the annual marketing meeting at the end of June.

The 17 brands that distributors can choose from are ones that don’t already receive big promotion. Habanos produces 27 handmade export brands in total and the ones that are not allowable as Regionale Edicions are: Cohiba, Cuaba, H. Upmann, Hoyo de Monterrey, Jose L. Piedra (the value-priced cigar in the list), Montecristo, Partagas, Romeo y Julieta, San Cristobal de la Habana and Trinidad. The other 17 brands are not promoted much at all and the Regionales concept was created to provide a marketing platform for these other brands: Bolivar, Diplomaticos, El Rey del Mundo, Flor de Cano, Fonseca, Juan Lopez, La Gloria Cubana, Por Larranaga, Punch, Quai d’Orsay, Quintero, Rafael Gonzalez, Ramon Allones, Saint Luis Rey, Sancho Panza, Vegas Robaina and Vegueros.

Vancouver Cigar is fortunate to obtain certain Regional Ediciones that Havana House trades for with other regional suppliers.  Our website lists the current Regional Edition availability in Canada.

Have you tried the Cohiba Maduro Magicos?

It is astonishing to see that people who have little or no knowledge of Cuban cigars still have heard of the Cohiba cigar brand.

Introduced in 1968, the Cohibas have become the flagship brand of Cuban cigars. Originally developed as a personal brand for Fidel Castro, he would give Cohibas as gifts to Cuban officials or diplomats that he was entertaining, until in 1982 when Cohiba was granted worldwide distribution.

A new Cohiba that has been acclaimed the world over is the Cohiba Maduro Magicos. It is one of the very few Cuban cigars which comes wrapped in the very dark maduro wrapper, as part of the Maduro 5 series released in 2007. The Cohiba Maduro Magicos has quickly become a favourite among Cohiba cigar lovers.

The tobacco found in this cigar is aged for a minimum five years, before the ‘torcedores’ of Cuba roll it into a unique blend to make the Magicos. You will enjoy a perfect blend of sweet and strong flavors on your palatte with the Cohiba Maduro Magicos and they are known to be a very relaxing cigar that creates thick smoke accompanied by intense and pleasurable aromas.

If you are a true Cohiba cigar lover, you must try the Cohiba Maduro Magicos at least once in your lifetime.

Cuban Saint Luis Rey Double Coronas – a rare treat

The Saint Luis Rey Double Corona from Cuba is difficult to find due to limited production and only available in cabinets of 50. It is one of the top 3 prominentes produced, and finds its flavor profile between the mild Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona, and the more full-bodied Partagas Lusitania. A medium bodied smoke that tends to change flavor throughout starting light, and developing more full earthy floral flavors a third in and has a long almost sweet finish with hints of cocoa, vanilla and coffee.

Origin: Cuba Manufactured: Hand Made
Gauge: Thick Length: 194
Format: Prominente Ring: 49
Presentation: Banded bundle of 50 in a nature slide-lid box.

Juan Lopez Obus France Ediciones Regionales 2006 in Canada

From May 7, 2008:

Canada has received a very small supply of the Ediciones Regionales 2006 from France, the Juan Lopez Obus is the second of the 2006 regional Habanos release for France, it is a well-made, medium-strength cigar. Vancouver Cigar has 2 boxes of 10 which you can order here.

Origin: Cuban, Manufactured: Hand Made, Gauge: Thick, Length: 140 mm. or 5 1/2″, Vitola: Campanas, Ring: 52