Where is the Cohiba factory located?

If you ever had the pleasure of smoking a Cohiba before, you probably wondered where does a beauty like this comes from? We all know they come from Cuba but there is a lot more to the Cohiba story. The Cohiba Factory is located in El Laguito, Cuba. Legend has it that all Cohibas here are rolled by beautiful Cuban women under the protection of Fidel Castro and his security guards. Well this is not a legend, it’s actually true. Not so sure about the appearence of these women but they definitely are one of the best Cuban cigar rollers in the world.

Castro himself hired only women to roll the best cigars in the world and the El Laguito Factory is surrounded by Castro’s security and personal guards. These female torcedores are one of the best Cuban cigar rollers in the world. Believe it or not, El Laguito was actully a cigar rolling school for women before began in 1961 as a cigar-rolling school for women.

There is another legend that Castro himself ordered to develop a new brand that will re-define Cuban cigar smoking forever. This one is just a tall-tale. It was actually a polite request from Cubatabaco (The government branch that monitors Cuban cigar sales and production) to create a ‘blend of blends’ the best ever created in history. Their was only one man for the job and his name is Avelino Lara. Mr. Lara is the main head at the El Laguito factory and also considered the Cuban cigar ‘God’ by the locals.

Today under Mr.Lara’s guidance and the 300+ ‘skilled’ workers at the El Laguito factory, we are all able to enjoy the best Cuban cigar brand in the world.