Partagas Mille Fleurs

Here is one of my favorite small cigars that are a wonderful companion on your drive home, sitting around after breakfast or just about any time.  This Petit Coronas ( 5.1″X 42 ring gauge) will have a lot more to offer than you might expect.

Anyone familiar with the Partagas profile will understand the quality of this small cigar as soon as they light it and taste that herbal, grassy, slightly spicy taste with all of the wonderful characteristics that you get in the Robusto, Series D No 4 or Lusitanias… At a fraction  of the cost and time spent smoking..

I’m a big believer in taking your time and smoking and getting every second’s pleasure out of a Churchill or Double Robusto but when you just don’t have the time, reaching for one of these will never let you down.

Quai d’Orsay In The Morning

One of the older Cuban cigars that is still on the scene is Quai d’Orsay.  One morning in Cuba last year, I remember sitting on the balcony of our hotel with a Quay d’Orsay Imperiales and a strong cup of coffee.  What struck me about this cigar was the graceful approach to honey and vanilla that this churchill had to offer.  Some say that it is a perfect morning cigar because of it’s mellowness but take note that there may be a bit more going on here than you might expect.

I found this churchill to be more of a medium strength cigar that developed into a balanced and complex smoke that slowly built into intensity.  Would a seasoned cigar smoker be a devotee of this brand.  I’d say absolutely!!  A veteran smoker enjoys seeing all of the sights that a city has to offer and Cuba has a complex banquet of tobacco flavors.

Why not taste and enjoy them all!

Romeo No 1 Tubos

Age is something that this cigar responds nicely to as it’s spicy flavor calms down and results in one of the best machine made cremas produced in Cuba today.  Can it be smoked the same year it was produced?  Why not.  Many people, myself included, love the Romeo profile and have no problem with the sharp spicy flavor that this 40 ring gauge, 5 and a half inch cigar has to offer.

Many people have different views and opinions on how to store a tubed cigar.  Some say that it’s best to take the cigar out of the tubes as they rest in the humidor.  Others say that it doesn’t make a difference as to whether or not they stay in the tubes or not.  One good reason to keep the cigars in the tubes is on the off chance that if you may end up with a dreaded beetle infestation, only the one cigar with the beetles will be affected, all others will be safe.

Does a cigar stay moist in a humidor if it is in a tube?  Most certainly.  Moisture has a way of getting into each and every tube, keeping the tobacco as moist as the air in your humidor.

These are some of my favorite tubos, I always have a few in my humidor and the convenience of taking them with me when I go out at night, slipping one or two in the breast pocket of my jacket is yet another reason to smoke them!

Oh yeah, one more thing.  Great price!!

Cigars And Baseball

For the last few days I’ve been having a difficult time tearing myself away from my DVD player and television as I smoke cigars and watch Ken Burns’ “History Of Baseball”.  This is an 8 part series that deals with the origin of the game and comes loaded with stories, pictures and film clips of some of the most colorful players that ever walked onto a baseball diamond.

In the early years of the game many of the players, managers and fans in the stands always seemed to be smoking cigars. There was even a story of a player who would have lit cigars in his pockets on the field!  Ha !  Through the first 5 episodes of this series I’ve noticed banded cigars, un-banded cigars of every length and diameter.  Many cigars were smoked with maduro wrappers which leads me to believe that many were NOT Cuban cigars but that doesn’t seem to matter.

These days you don’t seem to see the same number of cigars in a baseball stand but I know somewhere that there are a few old men in a home somewhere with a few cigars lit and a few drinks being handed out while these guys trade stories of baseball legends they might have seen play years ago when they were younger.

The Bundle Option

I’ve held off writing about this cigar for a great many months because if there is anything in life I wish would always continue, it would be that these would always be available to me.  The “Vancouver Cigar Company” has cigars from the Romeo y Julieta factory that are unbanded and come in 3 sizes: a Mareva, a Robusto and a Churchill.  These are very very well made, contain beautiful Cuban tobacco and on a good day I’ll choose one of these Churchills over many Cuban cigars on the market today.  The churchills taste very similar to the Romeo y Julieta churchill but I’d probably guess that they aren’t identical.

The price????? Very very affordable and once you get bitten by the bug, you’ll be smoking many of these, I think I’ve smoked hundreds in the last few years.  If you let them age for a year or so you’ll be rewarded with an unparalleled smoke for the price.

Just something for you to consider, thats all !

Cuban Cigars For Father’s Day

If you’re wondering what to get your father for Father’s Day in a few days time, something tells me that, since you are reading this, you probably already have a bit of an idea what you’re looking for.  A few questions may be, Is he retired, does he golf, does he sit in a boat and fish on hot still days or is he more of a grill a few steaks for his buddies on the deck kind of guy?

Time seems to be the big factor when choosing a cigar for someone these days because if the person you are shopping for has no problem sitting back with a glass of Scotch for a couple of hours, you can comfortably get him Churchills, Piramides or maybe the Lusitania from Partagas.

If your father is more of an Action Hero then a Cuban cigar that burns for around 45 minutes should do the trick.  The Montecristo No 4 is one of the best selling cigars of all time and chances are he already knows the flavor profile intimately.  Another great smaller ring gauge cigar would be the Cohiba Siglo 2 or the Partagas Mille Fleurs which are tasty and quite affordable.

Maybe your Father is a Robusto man.  You know, the Alpha male in the group who is often seen chomping on a Bolivar Royal Coronas or a Juan Lopez Seleccion No 2

The more I think about it the more I see that this can be a very rewarding experience for any son who wants to give his father the very best… Plus, you’ll see a big smile on any father’s face when he unwraps a gift and sees Cuban Cigars..  Good luck and happy hunting!

Try The 5 Pack

I noticed this morning in the “Vancouver Cigar Company’s” site that the 5 pack in the larger size cigars, possibly offer the finest and best examples of Cuban cigars today.  These are some very high end Piramides with the H.Upmann No 2 and the Montecristo No 2 which resemble each other in shape, color of band but have differences that are identifiable to those who love smoking this size. These are very popular cigars for very good reason.

The Cohiba Esplendidos can only be described as the finest Julieta No 2 in the world.  No other cigar is imitated and counterfeited as much as this one and the only way to make sure you get an authentic Cohiba is by going through the proper channels like ordering from a site like this one.  This cigar is balanced, complex and will give you flavors in one cigar like no other.  I know I will never be able to afford a bottle of 1787 Chateau Lafite Rothschild but I know what an Esplendidos tastes like and have smoked many of them.  Make it your mission to try a few of these so you can say to yourself that you’ve smoked the BEST.

I’ve smoked many many Romeo y Julieta Churchills and it has become my “go to ” cigar in the last few years.  It also has a distinct taste and beautiful profile that lingers on the palate long after it cigar has gone out.  If you smoke slowly you’ll get more than 2 hours of enjoyment out of this churchill.  This is the best time of year to smoke a longer cigar, great warm evenings, sunny days on a golf course, life doesn’t get any better than this!

The Trinidad Robusto Extra should be saved for special occasions, plain and simple !  The Trinidad is rolled at El Laguito by the finest rollers Cuba has to offer and the tobacco used is the finest available.  I’ve never never run into one of these cigars with any kind of construction problem and although it is a cigar with some girth and length, it’ll give you a medium strength smoke that is pure elegance.

This 5 pack should be given as gifts to very special people in your life that appreciate the very best cigar that Cuba produces.  The guys at “The Vancouver Cigar Company” have assembled this package with a lot of thought and consideration for the true Aficionado.

It’s In The Cedar

In the picture you’ll notice one of the best Robustos to come out of Cuba today, the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2. This 50 ring gauge, 4.8 inch cigar is a fine example of perfect blend, solid construction and flavors that vary from sweet to spicy without ever getting harsh or too much to handle for even the novice smoker.

But this isn’t what today’s blog entry is about !

Not long ago I bought a new humidor because of an ever growing collection of Cuban cigars and the first thing I noticed when I opened the lid was the strong odor of cedar.  This didn’t resemble the potent and powerful cedar smell that you get from American cedar which is used in linen trunks but there were some slight similarities in this humidor.  At first I felt a bit apprehensive about placing my prized possessions in this new glass topped box but after a few days of priming the cedar with distilled water I bit the bullet and filled the humidor with about 45 cigars.

A few weeks go by and then I decided to light up one of the cigars ( the Hoyo in the picture )that had been absorbing the cedar odors in it’s new home.  I detected that the wood had worked it’s magic on this fine Robusto and had altered, ever slightly, the Hoyo profile.  Did it bother me?? Not at all, in fact I know for a fact that the wood had given something to this cigar that it didn’t have before.  A fantastic woody edge to the great taste this cigar already had.

When I open this humidor now to check the moisture level and keep it at 69 to 71, I now detect a bit less of the cedar smell and more of that beautiful barnyard thing that we all love so much.  As months go by I know that every cigar will only get better and better, in fact I may move cigars around from humidor to humidor to see what kind of effect the two different intensities of Spanish cedar will have on my Cubans.

Eggs, Waffles, Bacon….. Nope

Ever have one of those mornings when you pour yourself a coffee, sit down and read the paper, put the paper down and then wonder what would be the best breakfast on a Saturday morning??  This query faced me as I poured a second cup and looked out the window at the sunny day.  Our pantry is filled to the brim with all of the usual options that a normal human would need for the first meal of the day but the lack of wind blowing the leaves in the trees in our front yard told me that there was only one ingredient I needed to kick off a lazy day.

The picture above may give you a bit of a tip as to my plans for the hour and 45 minutes I spent on the front steps.  Two more cups of coffee and one of my favorite Romeos, the Exhibicion No. 4, gave me the kind of cigar experience  that I’m sure many folks dream of whenever they are feeling like they need to throw all caution to the wind and do what their heart tells them.

I know that many people consider this cigar to be a Robusto but I believe the factory name is a Hermoso No. 4.  Little did I care but as I went into the second third of slightly spicy Cuban tobacco, I told myself that labels were temporarily unneeded.  What WAS needed though was some attention to the lawn and so after setting the nub down I went back inside, ate a piece of leftover grilled steak from last night and took a nap.  I’m in charge today and will do what is important, like watching golf and ambling over to the humidor to see how my supply of H. Upmann Magnum 48‘s are holding up.

Greed, Or…… I Want Them All

One on-line dictionary defined greed as excessive or rapacious desire, esp. for wealth or possessions. Well, I guess we could go with that…… I don’t believe that wanting to learn about, smoke and own as many Cuban cigars as my income can produce would put me in the greed category but some may think that’s how I am…. So be it!!!  I can live with it!!!!

Its just that I really feel the need to experience and smoke as many different Cuban cigars as I can ( and cannot) afford.. Speaking of afford, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I still believe that this is the golden age of Cuban cigar prices and things will only get more costly as days go by…. The last thing you should ever feel is comfortable..

One more thing, do NOT pay any attention to the analog hygrometers on the humidors.. Those things should NEVER be counted on to give you an accurate reading!