Trinidad Short Robustos T Edicion Limitada 2010

Trinidad is definitely one of the premium brands from Cuba today but started in 1969 when Fidel Castro and different members of the Cuban government used to had them out as diplomatic gifts but in 1998 they became available, in smaller quantities, for export and the rest of the world started to enjoy them.  Originally only one size of Trinidad hand rolled cigar was produced, the Fundador ( Founder ) at a length of 7.5 inches long and a ring gauge of 40 but lately Trinidad has been coming out with many sizes to choose from with blends from the pick of the Vuelta Abajo region.

As I finished the first third I again detected this brand’s richness with honey and spice and the 2010 entry showed much of both taste sensations as the cigar developed.   This particular Short Robustos would age very well, revealing further flavors that develop in the humidor.  I’m guessing 2 more years will turn this cigar into something memorable.

Aged Bolivar Belicosos Finos

I thought that with a fresh palate and a coffee after breakfast, an Aged Bolivar Belisosos Finos would be the way to start the day.

I have a friend, Charley, who is a cigar smoker and a traveller who ran into a bit of trouble with his humidor full of cigars that wasn’t maintained properly when he was out of town.  He brought it over and asked if I’d take a look at things and bring these slightly dry cigars, both Cuban and Non-Cuban, back to life while he went out of town again.  After about 2 months I thought I’d try one of these favorites from Bolivar, and knowing that this is about an 11 year old cigar, I couldn’t wait another day.

This 5.5 inch long, 52 ring gauge torpedo shaped cigar ( campanas ) started off being full of flavor but incredibly smooth and mild as it revealed the typical Bolivar earthiness that I love but I knew this wouldn’t last long as this cigar would probably get a bit stronger.  Sure enough, as I was well into my first third and enjoying this to the fullest I started to detect the spiciness that I usually get from a Belicosos Finos.

An older cigar will have a more pronounced front, middle and finish.. The front being the first flavor you get as you take a puff. The middle is the second taste you have in your mouth and the finish is theh long lasting taste you have in your mouth after you’ve blown the smoke out.. Sometimes a finish can last a very long time.. A younger cigar will have a more subtle middle and finish so those who prefer aged cigars will get used to the three dimensional approach their older cigars supply.  What a treat!

There was the spice throughout that I love from this cigar but a certain smoothness that accompanied the spice and woodiness stayed well into the final third and this one was smoked right down to the nub….

The Results Are In !

The results are in for 2010 and the Cohiba Behike 52 is ” Cigar Aficionado’s ” cigar of the year in their annual quest to find and name their top 25 cigars.  Anyone who has had the good fortune of lighting up one of these stout 4.7 inch long ( and yes ) 52 ring gauge masterpieces from Cohiba will agree that there is something special going on in the blend of tobaccos.

2 top leaves which only sometimes appear on a tobacco plant, called Medio Tiempo, were introduced in this blend of incredible tobacco and the results made the world sit up and take notice.  The flavor was ultra creamy, earthy and so smooth that I knew I had something very special in my hand when I tried my first last summer.  Rather than letting it sit in my humidor for a few years, I had to smoke it as soon as I bought it.

Oh yes, thats another thing…. Finding these tend to be a bit of a trick since there is a limited number of these cigars that get produced out of Havana at the ” El Laguito” factory.  Most Cuban cigar smokers want to taste them and see what the fuss is all about and although the price is considerably higher than all other Cubans, no one was letting that get in their way of buying as many as they could afford in 2010.  Many cigar smokers haven’t tasted them yet and ” Cigar Aficionado’s ” nod will only make the demand for these cigars even greater. The other 2 brothers in this release were the 54 ring gauge and the 56 which disappeared off the shelves almost instantly.

Contact Trevor at “The Vancouver Cigar Company”, ask when more of this brand will be available, treat him well, and with some luck you may have some of these aging in your humidor by the spring.