2009 Canada Regional Edition – Vegas Robaina “Petit Robaina”


2009 saw the release of a Regional Edition cigar for Canada, the Vegas Robaina- “Petit Robaina”.  July first being Canada’s birthday seemed to be the right day for me to snap this quick picture and finally get down to trying this cigar which I’ve kept in my humidor for a few years.  This is a 52 ring gauge cigar with a length of 4.3 inches long, perfect for those with a penchant for somewhat of a Robusto size Cuban, only slightly thicker.

This particular cigar has an amazing looking colorado wrapper and firm construction.  After clipping the cap I found the draw to be just a tad tight but not enough to be an issue, the pre-light draw was pure milk chocolate with a black tea finish.  First third was initially revealing a spicy cedar which didn’t evolve from puff to puff until I let the cigar rest for at least a minute and a half, then more flavours like dark coffee and subtle sweet chocolate appeared.  This isn’t the usual Vegas Robaina flavour profile I’m used to, I’ve been noticing that the flavours this cigar is revealing are similar to some of the Regional Editions I’ve been smoking lately, more spice and less predictability.

Second third is now opening up and I’m tasting a bit more of what I’m used to tasting from Vegas Robaina, honey, a bit of leather and again a subtle milk chocolate.  This cigar’s grey ash is downright stubborn, even a slight tap is pretty much ineffectual, I guess its time to see how long it can hold on.  This is yet another entertaining aspect of smoking a quality Cuban cigar, I usually try to see if I can keep an ash intact for at least a third.. Sometimes I’m successful and some times I end up wearing a generous amount of ash, usually the latter is the result.

At the 50% mark this cigar is becoming a bit more complex.  The spicy cedar is still very present but now along with the cedar I’m tasting very slight hints of vanilla and a darker chocolate.  Again I’m noticing that as the cigar rests in my ashtray between puffs, my patience is rewarded with honey and chocolate. Since many Cuban cigars are hand rolled, we smokers sometimes run into burn issues but this Petit Robaina has a razor sharp burn line and great clouds of smoke from puff to puff.

Final third, which us usually my favourite part of a cigar, is becoming more complex.  The spicy cedar is still very present but a sweet dark chocolate, some slight nuttiness and leather are now being the major contributors to the flavour profile.  The strength of the cigar is surprisingly of a medium character, not over powering or bitter in any way.  This tells me that Not smoking this cigar when I got it a few years back was the right decision.  However difficult it may be to let Cuban cigars rest in a humidor, the rewards of being stubborn and letting them age is almost Always the way to go.