Aged Cuban Cigars.. Quite a Trick

I have a number of different kinds of Cuban cigars from Espelendidos to H. Upmann tubos and every day I want to smoke at least one of them.  Problem is that when I have something that tastes great I have a difficult time letting them sit in the humidor for any length of time.  I think that maybe having 1,000 cigars or more may just be the trick.  Quite a trick though!!  That would probably be the easiest way to let them age since you would have such a large selection to choose from on a daily basis.

Right now I’m having difficulty holding on to some Ramon Allones Specially Selected from Feb 07.  I realize that 3 year old cigars aren’t very aged when you consider that some people can hang on to them for decades but these particular Ramon Allones are mellowing more and more each month and right about now they taste incredible.  I seem to want to smoke them daily.  I have some Partagas Series D #4 that are from ‘06 and the same thing happens to me whenever I think about them.  I want to rush over and light one whenever I see them.

Another problem is that I just got a new humidor with a glass front and all of my Cubans are proudly displayed in individual sections.  Seeing them just may make this problem of mine worse.  Maybe covering the humidor with some sort of cloth would stop me from being tempted…..

Probably not!!!!!!!!