2011 Canadian Regional Editions

I love looking around the “Net” to see what is new in upcoming releases from Havana and in particular, I love seeing what the new releases are coming into Canada for next year.  This time I see that we will be getting two Limited Edition cigars from Ramon Allones and Juan Lopez. What really excites me is the size of cigar that Ramon Allones will be adding..

At 7.1 inches and a ring gauge of 54 the Ramon Allones Rodolfo called the “Super Ramon” could be a very exciting cigar with some good length and a hefty girth.  I have to admit that I’ve been on a bit of a Ramon Allones kick lately because of some of the fine regional editions I’ve been smoking from that brand and I’m praying that the care that they’ve been putting into their construction lately, continues on into next year.

Juan Lopez will be releasing an Edmundo called the “Supreme” and this addition will be slightly larger than a Robusto at 5.3 inches and a ring gauge of 52.  Edmundos are a wonderful cigar to smoke after dinner if the strength of the cigar is there and because these are from Juan Lopez, I’m guessing that their profile will match some of their latest Regional Editions. 2007 saw the release of the “Obus” to france. It appeared that Juan Lopez devoted all of their best tobaccos for that beautiful cigar.  I was fortunate enough to get my hands on just one and one evening with friends at a gathering in Manitoba, I tasted one of the finest cigars I had ever smoked.

Here’s hoping that both of these new cigars live up to my expectations, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself but I’ll be making space in one of my humidors this morning for next year’s Canadian Regional Editions.  Or I could book a tee time instead and go golfing with friends!