A New Siglo II Behind The Old Barn

I’ve been on a bit of a Cohiba kick the last few weeks and have been enjoying new and old Cohibas in various locations and with a lot of different people.  This cigar in the picture above was enjoyed one day last week behind an old barn as a few friends were doing some work building some pens for cattle.  Now I’m not sure what year this Siglo II was hand rolled but I know for sure is was produced a few years ago while this barn was built many many years ago.

I’ve been enjoying a few Cohiba cigars from the Siglo series and although they were made and distributed to cigar stores world wide for people who want a slightly milder smoke, this little example had a bit of a lick to it that I wasn’t expecting.  Does that mean that I didn’t enjoy it??  Not at all, in fact just the opposite, this was a great little Mareva and deserves to be put on a very high pedestal by those who want great tobacco that can be consumed in a bit less time then it takes to smoke a Robusto or a Churchill.

A lot of people would describe the flavors this cigar has to offer to be woody, creamy and beany and I couldn’t agree more.  Woodiness and a bit of pepper is what you’ll probably experience upon first puff or two but an incredible evolution takes place into the second third and full on creamy honey takes over and colors the slightly dark chocolate notes till the end.  Aging this Mareva will only result in a smoother rich smoke, put a few away!!