A Nice Comparison


Another road trip with my friend Tom earlier this month and that only means one thing, a lot of cigar smoking in the car.  We were on our way from Vancouver to Edmonton, which is in no way a short drive, but it is one of the things we love doing the most.  A car is the best place, in our opinions to enjoy a cigar, and my travel humidor was packed to the lid.  A cigar I had been aging in the humidor for a few months was the H Upmann Sir Winston, this was going to be lit and compared to a big favourite of mine, the Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro.  These are two mighty cigars that were bound to get some time in the ring against each other, it was only a matter of time.

I’ve been giving a lot of attention to the Don Alejandro lately since the guys at The Vancouver Cigar Company are sitting on an amazing box, the next time I go in I’ll see what the date is on the bottom of the box, usually that detail is the first thing I look at when buying cigars.  Something tells me that the cigars in question are only about a year or so old, no matter, they taste incredible.  The Don Alejandro presented us with a small amount of resistance on the draw and the Sir Winston was almost a wind tunnel, I like both options.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when tasting these two cigars back to back, I felt that there would be loads of leather in both cigars but the Don Alejandro won hands down in that part of the competition.  The Sir Winston initially revealed a lot of woods in it’s profile and so did the Vegas Robaina but the Don Alejandro’s cedar notes were sweeter.  One thing I forgot to mention was that the Sir Winston was from a box dated in the fall of 2011 so it was a little older which I thought would mean that it would be loaded with sweetness but no, we sere finding no shortage of dry and powdery dark chocolate and rich coffee.  Still the Vegas Robaina was sweeter.

As the two cigars burned and the miles went by we started to notice that theH Upmann was gaining in strength into the final third while the Don Alejandro kept a pretty even keel and kept it’s smoothness with every puff.  I kept thinking about the dry bean flavours present in the Upmann and how I thought that the Don Alejandro would be so similar but these were two very different cigars.

So you may be wondering which cigar won our approval?  I had so much more hope that the Sir Winston would clobber the Robaina and outclass it by a long shot but this day would reveal a completely different outcome.  It was the Don Alejandro that offered more complexity and evolution as the cigar burned.  It also seemed smoother into the last inch, which is usually my favourite part of any cigar.  The Sir Winston simply didn’t evolve as much and stayed on the same flavour track for the time it was burning.

Would I buy both cigars again and try this test another day?  Sure, as a matter of fact we can’t wait for another trip!