Aged Vegas Robaina Clasicos


Anyone who smokes cigars, collects cigars, ages cigars, tirelessly fusses over the humidors will truly appreciate the cigar I want to direct my attention to today…  This is a Vegas Robaina Clasicos from 1999, over a decade old and a beautiful handmade Cervantes that is of bold medium strength with a perfectly balanced profile of creamy taste, spicy woody notes and dark chocolate.   I’ve only smoked one from this box last year, so although I can remember that this was a superlative cigar, the exact flavors will have to be re-visited tonight to be able to explain their true identity.

Here is one reason, again, to keep a log of all Cubans smoked and record your experiences from cigar to cigar… Well… I’m not sure why I don’t keep a log, I think its because I know I’ll be smoking more cigars and that I’ll be able to expand on my cigar experience as the years go by… Plus… I’ve never had the urge to write down all of the information as I’m smoking a cigar. I do try to keep all of the bands and frame them because as time goes on my den is going to be a tribute to all of the cigars I’ve had.