Ramon Allones Superiores….Coming Soon !

Something that gets me excited more than the arrival of Spring after a long cold Winter is the moment I can get my hands on a new Cuban cigar that could very well turn out to be a favorite for years to come.  Ramon Allones will soon be delivering their new vitola to LCDH franchises around the world and if these turn out to be as flavorful as the other brothers and sisters from that brand, founded in 1837, we could have a winner on our hands.

This new size will be 5.6 inches long in a 46 ring gauge which, if handled patiently will last you a good hour and a half and will be filled with a blend from the Vuelta Abajo region in Pinar del Rio.  This brand, which has delivered beautiful favorites such as the Specially Selected and the Gigantes, has thrilled Aficionados around the world but how the Superiores compare is yet to be seen.

The factory name of this vitola is Corona Gorda and will be delivered world wide in boxes of 10.. So far only 5,000 boxes will be introduced so contacting Trevor at “The Vancouver Cigar Company” and telling him about your interest in this new Cuban will get you on the list of lucky new owners of, what could be, a new staple in your humidor.