Counterfeit Cuban cigars

The Importance of Buying Cuban Cigars from Authorized Dealers

A recent article about the volume of counterfeit Cuban cigars (and other varieties) that are entering the USA was brought to my attention from Following is an astonishing excerpt:

“Still, what was seized late last year from several warehouses in Miami astounded both police and industry officials. There were enough counterfeit cigar bands, boxes, cellophane and other materials for between 30 and 50 million cigars – sufficient to make a significant dent in the legitimate premium market.”

This was just one organized group of cigar counterfeiters passing off fake Cuban and non-Cuban brands in the premium category. Unfortunately, it’s buyer beware when you buy Cuban cigars online from non-authorized dealers or importers. If it’s from an individual online, your chances of getting a box full of sawdust instead of those wonderful dark Cohiba’s is pretty high.

My advice is to seek out sites online that are authorized by organizations like Havana House, and verify with Havana House that the dealer is actually authorized. If you have any questions about the authenticity of Cuban cigars in Canada you can contact Havana House.

The bottom line is if the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is!