Becoming a Cuban cigar Aficionado

Many cigar smokers really pride themselves on their knowledge about the pastime. Many of them may be quite knowledgeable but they are still aspiring to reach the rank of cigar aficionado. In fact, this is a title which many individuals bestow upon themselves, even if they don’t necessarily deserve it. In order to officially become one, however, you need to experience a lot of different things. It is about a lot more than simply smoking a variety of different Cuban cigars. Let’s take a look at what exactly will make a person fits into this elusive mold.

One of the most important parts about becoming a cigar aficionado is the fact that you will have experience in a wide variety of different cigars. This goes far beyond simply smoking a cigar on the weekend or purchasing expensive cigars in order to enjoy them with friends. You actually have to experience the cigar and get to know them almost on a personal basis. You should easily be able to identify a different cigar, simply by the way that it feels, looks and tastes. You would be surprised with the subtle differences that can be recognized when you actually get a taste for these fine smoking delicacies.

Although smoking a variety of different Cuban cigars is a very important part in this process, it is not the only thing that should be taken into consideration. A real cigar aficionado will know exactly the right time and under what circumstances to enjoy a cigar.

Just as a wine enthusiast will know the perfect wine to go with a meal, a cigar enthusiast will also know a variety of different situations and which cigar will fit in best with those. Their taste will not only be limited to cigars, they may also enjoy a great cup of coffee or perhaps a snifter of brandy to go along with a particular brand of cigar.

If you are aspiring to be a cigar aficionado, make sure that you do not proclaim your title earlier than what it is deserved. Even though you may have smoked a lot of cigars, take the time to truly appreciate them and to recognize the subtle differences. Whenever you truly become a Cuban cigar aficionado, you will know it.