Cohiba Esplendidos review

Cohiba Esplendidos are in a class of their own. Since the Cohiba brand went public back in 1982, it has been embraced by the Cigar enthusiasts with open arms. They are known to get better with time but are perfect right out of the case. They feature a very smooth and clean ring and a just as smooth draw that gets stronger as you reach the end of this might Cuban cigar.

This phenomenal Cuban cigar represents everything that the Cohiba team has learned when it comes to hand rolling the perfect cigar. The taste is very deep, extremely rich, and ‘mucho’ generous.

The burn on the Cohiba Esplendido is very smooth and the draw is very easy and pleasant – gently spreading the most perfect aroma upon each puff.

The Esplendido is a brilliant cigar that is quite crisp and has somewhat of a spicy flavor to it. Just like a good cigar should, even the strong white ash is kept well in it’s place.

Smoking the Cohiba Esplendido is like smoking delicious toasted cinnamon with strong aromas of earthy chocolate. Considered to be one of the finest Cigars in the Cuban bunch. If you are looking for sixty minutes of pure relaxation and bliss, the Cohiba Esplendido is the treat that you’ve been waiting for. The Cohiba Esplendido is one of Vancouver cigar company’s favorites.