Cuaba Piramides Edicion Limitada 2008

After smoking more than my fair share of Romeos, Cohibas, HDM’s and Upmanns in the last few months I felt I needed a change this morning after breakfast.  It is Sunday, after all, and why not try something special….. I reached for the Cuaba Piramides I had sitting in the humidor and for a second I wondered if this was a fitting moment for such a regal smoke, clipped the end and tried a pre-light draw.  Nice and spicy…. Here we go!!!!

First few puffs revealed a ton of cedar, some leather and not much else….. As I ventured into the final puffs of the first third the cedar was becoming very powerful and I was wondering if this would evolve into something more than a trip to the sauna when the cigar smoke became creamy and notes of chocolate appeared.. Whew !!

Buttery would be the best way to describe what this Piramides became into the second third..  Chocolate, however subtle, appeared next and with the leather and cedar, became a classic Cuaba profile that I’m used to tasting.. Bravo!!!

The 6.1 “, 52 ring gauge limited edition was a beautiful cigar to hold, loosely rolled but burned beautifully, requiring no touch-ups at all and produced a flaky light gray ash that, surprisingly enough, held to the cigar for a considerable length of time….

Halfway down and becoming smoother and smoother as we go along… Slight roasted coconut appearing with the leather flavors.. Leather becoming more pronounced but still very buttery..

Very sad when this cigar came to an end… Stayed creamy and full flavored to the nub so I’ll try to find a few others to age for a while.. The tobaccos used in this Piramides were aged for 2 years prior to rolling and it being a 2008 meant that 2 more years were added to the age but I think that a few more would reveal a smooth enjoyable experience worth remembering.