Your Cuban cigar wrapper can tell you a lot

When you look at a Cuban cigar, what is the first thing that you judge it on? If you are like most people. you would say the outside part or the ‘look’ of the cigar. In Cuban cigar terms, what you are really referring to is the construction of the cigar or to be even more exact, you are referring to the ‘wrapper’ of the cigar.

The job of a wrapper is to hold the Cuban cigar leaves inside it nice and tight so you can get the most perfect draw. A wrapper is what holds your Cuban cigar together. If you get a Cuban cigar and the wrapper on it isn’t intact? Than put that cigar away and simply pick another one. Just by looking or observing the wrapper of your cigar, you can actually tell a lot about it.

The wrapper should never be too dry or too brittle, neither too hard or too soft. Also your Cuban cigar wrapper should have a slight oiliness to it’s surface. A good way to check is to simply hold your Cuban cigar sideways and roll it around in your hands. Your Cuban cigar should be firm throughout and not leaning towards extreme hardness or softness in any areas. While your are examining your Cuban cigar, avoid the ones with really big veins in them. Large veins usually mean that your Cuban cigar wasn’t stored properly.

Also make sure your cigar doesn’t have any holes in them. If they do, chances are your cigars have ‘cigar bugs’ in them. This is the worst of all possible scenarios. Cigar bugs can leave tiny eggs within the cigar (Filler) that can actually survive the whole cigar making and fermentation process. Than they will appear once the conditions are right – that is when you place your Cuban cigars in your personal humidor – YIKES!

They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but please judge your cigars by the way it looks – all the time.