Cuban cigars and human creativity

Since its introduction, cigars and Cuban cigars have found their very own special place in various fields within the American culture. When Hollywood realized the prestige behind a fine Cuban cigar, this timeless piece of Cuban art has been considered to be behind the success of many famous men and women in the field of art, literature and entertainment. Famous American author William Makepeace Thackeray actually called the cigar “the great un-somber of secrets”. It is known that William smoked constantly while he wrote his timeless classics. He would take a few puffs, than place the remaining part of his cigar on the mantle and continue writing. It was like he just got injected by a sudden boost of instant creativity.

Stories like these are not uncommon to the regular cigar smoker. Even William’s good friend Charles Dickens was a great fan of cigars, so much so that a cigar brand was named after him, called ‘The Pickwick’. Another famous entity, an American author named Samuel Clemens, or better known to us as Mark Twain, regularly smoked cigars while he wrote. Cigars began to get really popular but Cuban Cigars exploded!

As soon as Hollywood was established, a new era began to bloom, the beginning of the American entertainment industry. It was glamorous, it was at the peak of its creativity and celebrities full of cigars. The Cuban cigar became a dramatic prop in American showbiz, especially Cuban cigars. With people like Charlie Chaplin, W.C Fields continuing the tradition, the Cuban cigar became anonymous with creativity and success. Somewhat recently, Jack Nicholson mentioned that Cubans, especially Romeo y Julietas, Cohiba Robustons and Montecristos help him concentrate and calm his nerves down.

Most great men credit fine Cuban cigars played a crucial part in their success. However, the pleasure of cigars is not just limited to men. Powerful and beautiful women such as Better Midler, Madonna, Demi Moore and other famous female celebrities are well known to enjoy a fine Cuban cigar every now and then. Most recently, ‘All women’ cigar clubs are being formed from New York to San Francisco. Women are definitely the next big market for cigars. It is said that a women smoking a cigar is considered a sexual renegade, someone empowered, someone who carves their own path in life.

With countless stories and statements from the elite in the art & entertainment industry, one thing is for sure, there is a definite connection between creativity and Cuban cigars. A connection, that is not just divine but a true gift from the cigar gods.