Discover Ramon Allones Cigars

Ramon Allones Cigars are enjoyed by cigar aficionados throughout the world because of their great taste and quality but the company itself has quite an interesting background that deserves some looking into.

Raymond Allones, owner of the La Eminencia factory originally came from Spain and developed the brand over 170 years ago. One of the more interesting things that they did is to add some color to their cigar boxes in the form of lithographs in order to have their brand stand out from the rest that were available.

Of course, the quality and flavor that is found in the cigars is enough to set it apart on its own. There are several different Raymon Allones Cigars that are available including the Belvederes, the Specially Selected and the Gigantes.

Each of these has its own unique flavor due to the different sizes with the Specially Selected at 4 7/8 x 50, and Belvedere at 4 7/8 x 39, and the Gigantes at 7 5/8 x 49. For those that enjoy the smoke that they get from the Gigantes but would like it in a smaller package, they also have the Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas which has a very similar taste to the Gigantes but comes in at only 4 ½ x 42.

Unfortunately, many individuals who enjoy smoking cigars on a regular basis are unable to enjoy a Ramon Allones cigar because of the embargo between the United States and Cuba. One of the only ways that you will be able to enjoy one of these premium Cuban cigars if you live in the United States is to travel to another country and enjoy one there.

Although it is still illegal for a United States citizen to enjoy a cigar from Cuba regardless of where they are in the world, many people sneak a forbidden smoke in this way.