Guantanamera Cuban cigars revealed

The Guantanamera cigars can be considered somewhat of a recent inclusion in the already fine line of existing Cuban tobacco products. The Guantanameras are the cigars of choice for beginners who are just getting into smoking Cubans. The size is perfect for the newbie and the taste is exquisite yet mild.

Guantanamera is Cuba’s way to get more people to try out fine Cuban cigars. It’s easy on the taste buds and offers tremendous value for the budding cigar enthusiast.

Although it was created in 2002, it has quickly gained it’s own following around the world. Being one of the few Cuban cigars that are machine made, makes it a perfect choice for people who just want to take a quick dabble in to the world of Cuban Cigars.

They are made in the same factory as Cuba’s new “minis,” or miniature cigars. Guantanamera is made with Vuelta Arriba, the key tobacco region in the west end of the island. It is a type of short-filler tobacco that is just perfect for the Guantanamera.

The Guantanamera Cuban cigars are perfect for the first timer or if you are on the go.