H. Upmann Classic Taste

A few different examples of cigars from this old and prestigious brand from Havana are pictured above.  Both are favorites of mine, the 2009 Limited Edition Magnum 48 and the H. Upmann No. 2.  My humidor did NOT store a few others that I love dearly, the Magnum 50 or the Magnum 46, or I would have included those in the picture as well.  I love them all, they are an example of classic Cuban taste and come from one of the oldest brands.

Hermann and August Upmann founded the brand in 1844 when, as textile manufacturers, moved to Havana and being avid cigar smokers, started using cigars as a promotional tool.  Their cigar boxes, made from Spanish cedar, were labeled with their name but contained other manufacturers’ cigars until the brothers bought their own cigar factory and started producing very fine cigars.  Their cigars were of such quality that they started winning awards at international cigar competitions and the gold awards are still pictured in the brand’s logo.

I’ve written before about the sweet fruity taste of the Magnum 48.  A year in the humidor has changed the profile of this cigar.  What was once a sweet fruity cigar has matured into a more classic tasting Cuban and quite a difference has taken place.  I’m thinking that another 10 years in the humidor will change this already beautiful cigar into a classic of epic proportion.