H. Upmann and Sir Winston Churchill connection

Cuban cigars have always been a popular accessory among the sophisticated and the elite. From superstars of the entertainment industry, to well known and powerful politicians, the Cuban cigar has always been associated with what is best in life. However, when it comes to famous politicians, the H. Upmann brand seems to be the one that truly stands out.

The H. Upmann is one of those special brands that is sought after by a particular group of Cuban cigar aficionados who appreciate a medium yet smooth flavor. This Cuban brand was the “one” for many famous politicians such as Sir Winston Churchill (Who inspired the name for the H. Upmann Churchill size) and John F. Kennedy. I guess their is something about it that calms the mind down when dealing with high stress political situations and conflict.

H. Upmann’s were created way back in 1844. It was a banker named Herman who had an undeniable love for Cuban cigars. Herman realized his dream of owning a Cuban cigar factory by opening up his very own in Cuba. The business was so successful that they did it for forty years. In fact, if you get a chance to go to Cuba, take a tour of this factory. As it is one of the oldest and regular manufacturers of Cuban cigars.

Mr. Herman started a great brand that inspired many great leaders such as Sir Winston Churchill, J.F.K and many more. The various sizes and flavors that the H. Upmann brand presents itself is truly a treat.