Have A Cigar In The Car

Nothing is more enjoyable than getting behind the wheel and going for a nice long drive, it is good for your soul, good for your engine and one of the best places to smoke a cigar in a relaxed, warm and windless environment!

The picture above reveals just the right amount of late afternoon sunshine on the band of a Partagas Lusitanias as my friend Tom and I were driving home from golfing.  The trip lasted just over an hour and after lighting a couple of these wonderful cigars we were remarking as to how perfect it is to be able to smoke in a space that was our own to do whatever we pleased.  After getting back to the house the rest of the cigar was paired with a “tumbler” of Glenlivet and some fine grumbling about how poorly we golfed.

One thing that you may want to take in consideration is the heat of a long cigar ash as it falls of the end of the cigar and into the pantleg of your golf shorts as you are doing a shoulder check as you change lanes.  This will change your whole reality and make you wonder if saving an ash for as long as possible is really worth the effort.  It is times like that when I can see why the smoking jacket was first thought of and assembled.  On one hand the flavor of a cool puff is intoxicating but the pain to your bare legs and damage to the velour on the front seat of the car is another thing to consider.  A real coin toss, isn’t it!!

I don’t care what anyone says about the smell of the interior of my car, when I get into the driver’s seat and remember the great cigar I enjoyed the night before as I was driving somewhere, it makes me feel great to know that I own a movable cigar smoking parlor where I MAKE THE RULES !!!!