How to light a Cuban cigar

Just ask anybody who enjoys smoking Cuban cigars and they will be quick to tell you that the lighting process is one of the most enjoyable parts. In fact, many individuals that smoke Cuban cigars on a regular basis have their own particular way to light the cigar.

They seem to get a lot of enjoyment from this and it adds a lot to the overall experience. Although each individual will have to have their own method of lighting it, here is a general guide that will help you through the process in case you are new to cigar smoking.

The first part of lighting a cigar actually does not have anything to do with the fire at all. Whenever you buy a high-quality cigar, the one end has a cap on it that is made of part of the wrapper. It covers the end of the cigar that you actually put into your mouth, typically known as the head of the Cuban cigar. You need to snip this off in order to be able to pull the smoke through it.

In order to do this, you’re going to need to use a cigar snip (Cigar cutter) which can be picked up at your local cigar supplier. The most popular of these is the guillotine style which makes a very clean cut. Make sure that you cut off enough of the cap that you have about a 75% opening in the end of the cigar. If you cut too much of the cap off, you’re in danger of having the cigar unravel on you while you’re smoking it.

The next thing that you need to do is to light the Cuban cigar with the proper type of lighter. In fact, this can make a big difference on how you enjoy the entire cigar, not simply the first part of it. Never use a gas filled lighter in order to fire up a stogie, always use a butane lighter, such as a zippo. If you’re going to use a match to light a cigar, it is important that you use a wooden match.

If you do use a paper match, you may end up getting some flavor in the cigar that is unsavory. Regardless of what type of match you use, however, make sure that it burns for a second before you use it in order to get rid of all of the sulfur.

Hold the flame to the end of your Cuban cigar and slowly twist it between your fingers. This will allow the end of the leaf to begin to darken and to char a little bit. After that, put the cigar in your mouth and pull air through it while holding the flame up to the end.

This may take several drawls but eventually the end will begin to glow. Although it is not necessary, make sure that you take the cigar out of your mouth and carefully inspect the glowing end. This will make you look like you absolutely know what you are doing.