How to smoke a Cuban cigar

Smoking a Cuban cigar is an experience all to itself. Even though there are slight differences in the way (style) that everybody smokes them, there is a specific way of how to smoke a cigar that many individuals turn to. It actually has more to do with the process than with actually sitting there and enjoying the smoke. It all starts at the beginning, so let’s take it from that point.

The first part of the process is actually picking out the cigar that you are going to smoke. In some cases, a cigar is simply handed to you so you do not have much choice in the matter. If you do plan on smoking a cigar that you bought, it is important that you get a high quality smoke (Cuban cigar) so that you can enjoy it to it’s full flavor.

Of course, there are many different styles (Robusto, Maduro, Torpedo etc) of Cuban cigars that you can smoke as well as different brands (Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo Y Julieta etc). Regardless of which one you choose, however, make sure that it fits in with your preference.

The next step in smoking a cigar is to clip the end. I’m sure that you have seen people in the movies just stick the cigar and in their mouth and bite off a piece but there is a much more sophisticated and enjoyable way to do it. This is by inspecting the end of the cigar that needs to be clipped in order to recognize exactly where the cut should be made.

Make sure that you do not make it too deep or else you will have several different problems. Look for the cap of the cigar which is a part of the rolling leaf which is used to close the end. Do not clip this entirely off of the cigar or you will have a problem with the cigar wrapper unraveling. A cigar cutter (or punch cutter) is recommended for this process. You can even use special cigar scissors for this process.

Now comes the most important part of actually smoking a Cuban cigar, the lighting process. Many individuals have a very specific way that they will light a cigar and they may take a long time in doing so. Although you are going to have to come up with your own method, you can learn by watching other individuals go through their little lighting ritual. Typically, it involves heating up the end and then drawing through it while you light that end.

You must then do the obligatory inspection in order to make sure that it is lit evenly. Also almost all Cuban cigar boxes come with cedar (That thin strip of sheet covering your Cuban cigars actually serves a purpose).

What you can do is break off the thin cedar sheet into strips and use those to light up your cigars. Do it patiently, savoring the aromas as you draw more. If you are out of cedar sheets, use a butane lighter. All other lighters quickly interfere with the properties of a Cuban cigar and can reduce the taste immensely.

The rest of the process of how to smoke a cigar is simply sitting back and enjoying yourself. Cuban cigars are great whether they are smoked alone or in the company of close friends. It is a perfect way to enjoy an evening and to relax.