H.Upmann Connoisseur A at Vancouver Cigar’s Anniversary Party

H. Upmann  Connossieur-A

This upcoming Saturday, April 12, the Vancouver Cigar Company will be celebrating it’s first anniversary at the Autoform location.  This isn’t the first cigar theme event that has been held at Autoform, this past year has witnessed many such gatherings and the attendance seems to be growing.

So far the replies and confirmations from Vancouver cigar lovers reveals that this Saturday’s party will be the biggest yet.  Vancouver Cigar will be handing out to all in attendance an exciting new cigar from H. Upmann, the Connossieur A.  Shipments of this new Cuban cigar are finally now appearing at Habanos Specialists and La Casa del Habanos cigar shops worldwide.  Nothing, in my opinion, pairs better with a great Cuban cigar than a beautiful Scotch Whiskey so Saturday will also be seeing Vancouver Cigar giving samples of two fine single malts, a 10 year old Highland Park single malt and The Macallan Gold.

My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to smoke one of these cigars this afternoon,  I know I’ll smoke one again in a few days but I want to see if there’ll be any differences in flavours the second time around.  A great aroma came out of the slide lid box and I noticed this is a very well made cigar with a smooth wrapper and a firm feel throughout.

After clipping the cap I was pleased to see the draw was perfect and pre-light notes were of a light fresh hay, barnyard and subtle notes of black tea.  This Genios size cigar, 5 1/2 inches long and a ring gauge of 52 is marketed to those who want a larger ring gauge but at a manageable length for a slightly shorter smoking time.

First third started off with white pepper and wet cedar mixing with bean notes of chocolate and vanilla.  This cigar started off in a very complex manner, the first third made this a very exciting cigar to smoke, it was sweet and reminded me more of a hybrid between a Magnum 50, a bit of H.Upmann No 2 and the ’09 release of the Magnum 48.  I love sweet notes in a cigar,  usually you’ll get this with a younger cigar and H. Upmann will deliver this more often than not.  This cigar, because of the great draw and proper humidity in the Vancouver Cigar Company’s humidor, gave off great clouds of sweet smoke.  The aroma in the room was also pure classic Cuba. When this cigar burned to the halfway mark, the sweetness continued but then a leather and woody profile entered into the smoking experience, bean flavours appeared less frequently and the final third settled into a powerful cigar with loads of attitude.  I’m guessing that it’s due to it’s age, this Connossieur A from Upmann will continue to smoke well and impove daily, a young cigar can also give the smoker dizzying effects from generous amounts of nicotine but I saw no reason to be concerned with this cigar giving anyone any trouble as far as thats concerned.

This Saturday will be a great celebration with good friends, cigar aficionados trading opinions about an exciting new release from Habanos and the Vancouver Cigar Company showing their gratitude to a loyal following by hosting yet another wonderful event at Autoform.