Importance of a hygrometer

If you own a humidor, you should be aware of something called a hygrometer. Some humidors come with a built in one and if your’s doesn’t have one, it is a highly suggested piece of equipment. The purpose of a hygrometer is to measure the relative humidity in the air. Controlling the level of humidity is vital when storing your Cuban cigars in you humidor.

The recommended humidity level is at 69% to 71%. Anything in between those numbers will keep your Cuban cigars well kept and it is also a very good humidity level for aging your cigars (Cohibas or Bolivar Gold for example).

Other steps you can take if you haven’t added an hygrometer to your humidor is store it in a cool place. Make sure your humidors are always away from the sun as heat can make the tobacco expand enough to damage it permanently. Also water is not a friend of your cigars and even some minor contact can destroy them.

Another tip is keep an eye on your humidor. Weekly checks can really help your humidor running properly and will greatly assist in aging / storing of your Cuban cigars. Every once in a while, feel free to change the position of your cigars and possibly keep some space between each cigar for decent air flow.

Ofcourse a hygrometer is a highly recommended investment and until that day arrives when all humidors come with a built in hygrometer, kindly follow this advice, you won’t regret it.