New H. Upmann For 2011

In recent years we’ve seen smaller cigars make a debut at the Habanos Festival and this year another little firecracker was unveiled that may take the world by storm or could simply blend into the Cuban cigar landscape and become somewhat forgotten.  I, for one, will choose to be optimistic because of the success of the H. Upmann Magnum 48 that was released in 2009.  I couldn’t believe the exciting flavors I would taste in the ” 48″ and after a couple of years it tastes better than ever.

Will the same thing happen to this year’s H. Upmann Half Corona??  Only time will tell since we haven’t seen an in depth review of this cigar yet.. This year’s Habanos Festival was the launching pad for a handful of new cigars and a lot of positive press went to the new Cohiba 1966 and to a lesser degree to the new Montecristo Gran Reserva.. Certainly the Cohiba will contain some of the best tobacco Cuba has to offer but the Montecristo contains 5 year old tobacco, which is said to be some very prime leaves from that harvest.

One thing that I’m reading so far that has me a bit concerned about the Upmann is that this cigar, according to some, will be aimed at the novice smoker…. Hmmmmmm….. Remember the Montecristo Open Series??  I wonder how that’s working out????  I quite enjoyed the “Regatta”, which I felt was the best of that series but when you aim for newbies in this passion you end up with a much milder cigar that leaves most of us wondering where the flavor is..

In closing, I hope that the H. Upmann Half Corona will live up to the Upmann name and deliver loads of coffee, fruit and chocolate that the ” 48 ” brought to the table….. Fingers crossed!