Special EL and ER Cuban Cigars


On a daily basis I go to my humidors and decide which fatted calf will be going on the altar but I usually tell myself that only a very special occasion is reserved for either a Limited Edition or a regional edition. And why wouldn’t I ? The beautiful Phonecios from Ramon Allones that came out in 2008 and was only available from the Beirut duty free is a birthday cigar.. I still have a few months to wait before I light that one again.. Christmas day is when I light up the 2006 Piramides from Cohiba and the others??? Well, we’ll just have to wait until that special day presents itself.. Maybe the birth of a family member’s baby or when the Canucks win the Stanley Cup in a few weeks time.. That’ll have to be a Canadian regional edition.

These cigars that Cuba produces are usually rolled from the finest tobaccos that are available and something tells me that extra care is used when rolling these beauties. I’ve smoked hundreds of Cubans and have run into many different favorable and unfavorable production standards but have never found anything with these double bands that have ever given me either a draw or burn issue.. Have I been lucky?? Maybe..

One thing to consider is that these tend to be a bit more costly but not to a very extreme degree when you consider what you are getting for your money. Its usually the best rollers that are chosen to roll these cigars and because of the pride taken when Cuban factories put these out, the quality speaks for itself.

If you’ve ever purchased art to adorn your walls you’ll appreciate what Cuban cigars, such as these, do for the ego of the collector… I think that it takes a special kind of passionate smoker to understand what a rare cigar these are and these individuals who love great Scotch, Port or old cars usually have no problem paying for and aging them until their time finally arrives.

No, today isn’t going to be a day when I light up one of mine…. It is grey and cloudy, the Stanley Cup finals aren’t here yet and one of my Ramon Allones Specially Selected will do just fine to pass away the next few hours.