The Decline Of The Panetela

I’ve recently noticed that this year we saw a decline in the popularity of the Panetela.  More than one Cuban brand, in 2010,  has deleted a few different cigars in this size, La Gloria Cubana, Partagas, Quai d’Orsay, Rey del Mundo and Vegueros.  Trying to guess as to why this little size is getting the axe is foolhardy, one would have to contact the powers that be in Havana and all would be revealed.

I’m wondering if this is a size of cigar that more women smoked and I’m guessing that there could possible be a decline in the number of female cigar smokers in the world.  There could also be the possibility that more and more people, who discover how wonderful the larger ring gauge cigars taste, are switching over to the more robust sizes.  I myself will smoke the odd number of small ring gauge cigars when time doesn’t allow for a big smoke but as I do, I pine for the moments when I get a rich mouthful of complex flavors that a Robusto will give me.

Oh, and for the ones who WERE paying attention, the cigar in the picture was INDEED a Purito and NOT a Panetela.. ( it was the longest slimmest cigar in my humidor )..  I guess we’re ALL to blame for the 2010 Cigar Deletions