The Existence Of Plume, Or Bloom, On Your Cigars

A little over a year ago my nephew brought back a few boxes of cigars for me on his trip to Havana.  One was a box of Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure # 2‘s and the other was Partagas Serie D No 4, two of my favorite Robustos.  These cigars looked and tasted great but they tasted a bit young so I’ve been letting them rest in my humidor and mellow in flavor for a while.  A few days back I saw a bit of grayish, slightly bluish, dust on one of the D 4’s and it really did look like a pretty sight.

Plume or Bloom is a fine dust-like powder that is actually crystallized oils from the wrapper leaf that can form if you have cigars that are aging in optimum conditions.  A steady humidity level and constant temperature is key to seeing plume on your cigars but never assume that you’ll see it  right away.. This takes time, sometimes years… Plume is often mistaken for only mould that can creep into the picture if your humidity stays over 75 or higher for a length of time and then you are in trouble.  Sanitizing your humidor with alcohol will be your next move because mould will ruin your cigars..

One easy test to see if your plume ( Bloom ) is mould.  Rub off a bit of the powder, if a stain appears then you have mould.  If the dust easily rubs off and no stain remains then you are in Plume Country and it IS a happy day.  See the picture above to take a look at this fine dust when magnified and notice how it looks like little lamp posts.