The Majestic Partagas Lusitanias

Oh glorious glorious day!!!  I saw Trevor from “The Vancouver Cigar Company” a few days ago and picked up a box of Partagas Lusitanias I had on order and when I opened the box at home I was met with the most beautiful sight.  These are rolled to perfection by, what I’m guessing, the finest people working in the beautiful old factory just behind El Capitolio in Old Havana.  I was so thrilled to see the smooth, slightly toothy wrappers gleaming in the sunlight as I snapped a few pictures of the event.  Anyone who can look upon moments like this with very little emotion or excitement have been smoking too long and have lost their passion.

These were rolled in February of ’09 which makes them a year and change old.  Very respectable start to an aging process that will take place in my humidor.

As you can only guess, I had to light one up immediately and was met with the Partagas profile I was looking for, slightly herbal and peppery.  There wasn’t anything I was missing in the flavors that I’ve smoked before in this prominente.

Its a Great Day!!!!