The Tease Is Over… Partagas Serie E No. 2… Available In Canada


I was at a gathering of cigar smokers last night where the Partagas Serie E No 2 was handed out and smoked by many of Vancouver’s Aficionados.  EVERYONE was impressed with Habanos’ new release from Partagas and, although a young cigar, the new Duke ( factory name ) performed like a cigar that had been sitting in a humidor for a few years.  One question I asked everyone was whether or not this tasted like a young cigar, to which no one gave me an affirmative. Balance was the first word used to describe this 54 ring gauge, 5 1/2 inch cigar that had no one flavor jumping to the forefront.  Strength with subtlety, which must be very difficult to attain, was most used when those in attendance described their smoking experience of this new release.

A lot of people were comparing the Serie E No 2 to last year’s Partagas Serie D Especial Edicion Limitada 2010 and this is really what we want to see Cuba give cigar smokers around the globe, a cigar going into regular production that mirrors the flavor and experience of a special edition cigar.  Being able to stop by a cigar shop and have something this special on a regular basis is what we’ve been waiting for since the beginning of 2011, when this cigar was presented at the Habanos Festival in Havana.


A new innovation in the packaging of this year’s release is a flap that is used to separate the cigars  in the unvarnished box and a lithographed piece of paper on the box’s exterior to make the identification of this series more identifiable in cigar shops.

Whats most exciting is the fact that this cigar tastes great today and will only get better as they age, which I predict could make this larger ring gauge cigar a big seller for Partagas and a staple in humidors world wide.