Top 10 Cuban cigar facts

10. In 1492 Christopher Columbus first landed on the island of Colba (known to us today as Cuba). He wrote in his journal in disappointment that the land he discovered was not India, China, or Japan and in this land there was no treasure to be found. However the men on the island introduced him to the practice of burning and inhaling the smoke of leaves they called Cohiba. The discovery of tobacco would turn out to be worth more than any treasure they would ever hope to find.

9. King Edward VII was as happy as anyone could be when he succeeded his anti-smoking mother Victoria as a monarch of the British Empire. On his first day as king he greeted the tobacco-starved courtiers of Buckingham Palace with the now immortal words, “Gentleman, you may smoke.

8. Samuel Langhorne Clemens or better known to the world as Mark Twain was rarely ever seen without a cigar in his mouth. His love of cigars was so great he is quoted as saying, “If cigar smoking were not permitted in heaven, he would happily go to the other place”. When asked about his 22 cigar a day habit he told people, “I smoke in moderation, only one cigar at a time.”

7. The famous comedian W.C Fields, wholeheartedly credited his success to a daily dose of cigars and whiskey that started in his childhood.

6. Tia Carrera and Demi Moore were the first Hollywood ladies to make cigar smoking popular among the female actresses in the 1990s. The image of a beautiful woman smoking a cigar helped create the ‘Femme Fatale’ and soon many woman followed suit.

5. Bill Clinton celebrated the rescue of the American pilot who was shot down in Bosnia, by lighting up a Romeo Y Julieta despite Hilary’s no smoking rules.

4. On the 80th birthday of George Burns in 1977, Milton Berle lit his and George’s cigar. Both of these comedians started smoking cigars as kids, Milton started at the age of 12!

3. Edward the ‘Duke of Windsor’ was so passionate and particular about cigars he personally inspected the Cuban factory that made his favorite cigars.

2. Groucho Marx’s image was all about having a cigar in his mouth at all times. Once a woman told him she had nine kids because she loved her husband so much, Marx in typical ‘wise guy’ fashion responded, “I like cigars too but every once in a while I take it out of my mouth!”.

1. On Febuary 6th, 1962 President John F Kennedy urgently asked his press secretary Pierre Salinger to obtain 1000 of Kennedy’s favourite Cuban cigars, the Petite Upmann. By the next morning Salinger had managed to obtain 1200 of the Cuban cigars and brought them to Kennedy’s office. Kennedy then took out a long paper from his desk which he immediately signed. It was the decree banning all Cuban products from the United States.