Trinidad Reyes

Have about an hour or so to smoke a beautiful little gem from El Laguito??  Why not try a Trinidad Reyes for a glimpse into the profile of cigars that used to be given out as diplomatic gifts along with the Cohiba brand back in the days when Castro used to do a lot of world travel.

With 4.3 inches and a 40 ring gauge you get varied flavors as this cigar burns, very evenly, from third to third.  Slightly herbal with cedar and leather as this cigar burns into the second third and although some more adventurous Cuban cigar smokers go for the larger Trinidad Robusto Extra, the Reyes is more suited for someone with a bit less time on their hands.  I would recommend this cigar for a morning outing on the golf course or a mid-day break to relieve a bit of stress, perfectly paired with a coffee and a warm park bench.

This little beauty came from a box dated Sept of ’08, which gave a bit of age to the tobacco, mellowed it to a medium strength and a bit of sweetness. I rate this cigar very highly because of perfection of construction ( as you’ll find in all of the Trinidad line ), draw and burn.