Vegas Robaina-Unicos


Many Piramides or Torpedo shaped cigars with a 52 ring gauge and just over 6 inches of length thrill smokers with millions consumed annually.  There is something about the shape of this cigar, it’s tapered head and how it feels in your hand as you watch it burn.  Montecristo No 2’s could be the most popular Cuban cigar in this shape, H Upmann has a wonderful torpedo, as does Cohiba with it’s Piramides Extra, the first figurado ( 54 Ring Gauge ) in it’s regular line, but pictured above with it’s elegant band is the Vegas Robaina Unicos.

This Piramide first was produced by by Habanos SA’s line, Vegas Robaina, in 1997.   You’ll taste notes of leather in the pre-draw, then after lighting, this medium to full flavored cigar becomes full of earthy woodiness accompanied with a sweet creamy finish.  I’ve found that instead of a very pronounced evolution, third to third, this cigar seems to have a steady flavor profile that will reveal subtle bean flavors from time to time, making this cigar very enjoyable.

The Vegas Robaina brand, established in 1997, currently produce the Unicos, the Famosos and the Don Alejandro.  Discontinued cigars from this brand are the “Clasicos”, a Lonsdale which is 6.5″ long by 42 ring gauge, and the “Familiar” which is just a bit shorter at 5.6″.   These two sizes will be missed by many and currently there are smokers who are stocking up on boxes of both since this premium Cuban brand ages so well.

This brand was named after the farmland of Alejandro Robaina, whose family has been producing tobacco in the renown Vuelta Abajo since 1845.  Alejandro assumed the role of manager of the family plantation in 1950 then for decades went on to raise tobacco leaves which become wrappers for many premier Cuban brands.  Alejandro died in April of 2010, his plantation is now run in the same tradition by his grandson, Hiroshi.