Very Special Ramon Allones Beritus

Last night I had the pleasure of smoking a 2009 Ramon Allones Limited Edition, Beritus from Lebanon.  The Beritus was a special release size, coming in at 5.3 inches and a 52 ring gauge. Not a lot were produced, 3,000 boxes of 25, and distributed exclusively by Phoenicia in Lebanon.  You might remember that in 2008 Ramon Allones produced a regional edition for Phoenicia called the Phoenicios…. That one will be smoked on my upcoming birthday ( been saving it ) and you can count on me writing an entry for that one.

Last night’s experience had me wondering why I don’t smoke Ramon Allones cigars more often.  It was a well balanced cigar that gave me many flavors as the cigar burned (perfectly) to the end.  Not one flavor stood out and every now and then I felt that it was a great grassy, chocolate and coffee with cream meal in itself, that I didn’t want to see come to an end.

This 2009 would have benefited greatly with another year in the humidor as it had a few sharp edges in the final third but I have to admit that I enjoy new cigars for their boldness and multi-faceted approach.  The Phoenicios is a 2008 cigar and I can’t wait for next week.