Be A Teacher

A few nights back I got a text message ( including pictures of cigars ) from a good friend who was sitting on a bar patio with his father.  This guy is a cigarette smoker and in the past few years I’ve been trying to get him turned over to the cigar side of life.  He enjoys taking the odd puff on cigars and now when he sees me he loves smoking them with me and all of this makes me feel great.. Why??  Well as you all know, cigars from Cuba are grown in a very traditional way and no chemical additives are used in the production and rolling processes.

So anyway, this guy is sitting with his father and sends me pictures of a burning Ramon Allones Specially Selected and a burning Montecristo ( I couldn’t tell which one ).  He went on to tell me all of the flavors that he was tasting as he was smoking the Ramon Allones and I have to admit, it all made me feel as if I had accomplished something.  Cuban cigars are the best in the world and whenever I can, I try to introduce my friends to this passion.

If you know of people that are hard core cigarette smokers, maybe the best thing you can do for them is to teach them some of the alternatives for their after dinner smoking experiences.  This has been going on for hundreds of years and if you yourself love cigars, you know that other smokers will feel the same kind of excitement whenever they get their hands on a hand rolled work of art that has been lovingly assembled for the joy of others. Teach them!