Cohiba Obsession

This little stack of Cohibas really DOES look like a solid foundation for a nice night out!!!  I’d ask any of them out on a date!!!!  Not sure why, but I’ve been on a bit of a Cohiba kick these days.. It started with me watching the Oscars with a Cohiba Robusto and then moving into the Siglo I frame of mind. I think my obsession with this brand probably has something to do with the complete Cuban picture they have to offer in terms of taste and delivery, coupled with wonderful construction and even burn.

I think its probably time I relive a few Siglo VI‘s next just to see what kind of experience they give me.  Each cigar has so much to offer but so much of my experience depends on what I just ate, what I’m drinking at the time and how my palate is behaving that day.  Every day is a bit different and every cigar can behave in wild and exciting ways.  The Siglo VI is nothing short of a big experience ( Big Cigar ) and so rather than staying with just one Cohiba, moving around and mixing it up might be the best thing to do in these next few weeks!!