All Cuban Cigars are Mild !

Seems like a strange thing to say but there’s a bit of truth to the statement…. They are all Mild??  To a degree, they are.  It is all in the way a cigar is smoked.

A few years ago a good friend gave me about 5 or 6 un-banded cigars and told me that he really liked them and smoked them a lot but said that they were pretty strong.  These were what he called bundle cigars and I remember smoking a few and felt that they DID have a bit of punch but not really harsh or difficult to smoke.  This was in the winter months and one night I was driving our 4X4 on some back roads to pick up some fire-wood from a friend who had a lot of wood delivered to his home.  I was cheerfully smoking one of these stogies and without paying a lot of attention I remember remarking to myself that this wasn’t a strong cigar at all since so much depended on how hot the flame was.

A good thing to try, when smoking a cigar, is to let the flame get really close to going out and then taking a puff.  That is where the magic starts!!  I keep reading that the Bolivar brand of cigars is one of Cuba’s strongest cigars but the Bolivar Royal Coronas are one of my favorite robustos and I don’t consider them to be strong at all.  Sure, they are full flavored but still not strong, in my humble opinion!  The Cohiba robusto also has the reputation as being a strong cigar but, once again, it CAN be smooth and very easy to smoke.  The Partagas brand again could be called strong but some of the Partagas Series D #4 cigars have been some of the mildest I’ve ever smoked.

The thing in smoking a cigar is the tempo and pace you decide to employ whenever enjoying these fine creations out of Cuba.  SLOW DOWN!!!!  I routinely smoke cigars down to the last 1/2 inch and as long as you keep the flame cool and even, you can coax the finest flavors out of any cigar.. Like I said before, SLOW DOWN!!!