Are You REALLY A Cigar Aficionado

Well it is a question that I don’t really ask myself because I know the answer…. NO !!!  Very simple..

A few days back a friend gave me 3 un-banded Cuban Robustos that were in great shape, beautiful wrappers, very nicely rolled but still un-banded and thats where all the trouble started.  He thought that they might be Bolivar Royal Coronas, Ramon Allones Specially Selected, Cohiba Robusto or maybe something else that he couldn’t remember….. Oh great, where do I start….

So I started off by seeing if I could recognize the wrapper and mybe guess which was which based on appearance alone… Good luck!!  I thought that maybe we could have had at least 1 RASS based on the fact that the wrapper did NOT have a reddish brown wrapper.. I’ve usually noticed that they are smooth, slightly oily and tend to lean towards the greener side of brown.. So what did I do?? I lit it up..

With all that I can recall about the Specially Selected, I think that maybe I could be on the right track but there was always a bit of doubt in my mind as I came to the halfway point.. This was harder than I thought.. I knew that I wasn’t smoking a Cohiba Robusto because of the total lack of grass and slight cedar that I get out of those awesome Cohibas.. For a second I thought that it COULD be a Bolivar but I thought that I’d try again tonight..

Tonight’s Robusto was considerably redder and very slightly rougher in appearance but still very well made.. Once again tonight’s cigar was NOT a Cohiba but had a milder more earthy flavor….. Bolivar Royal  Coronas ??????  Then it hit me.. I still have a ways to go before I have the audacity to call myself an Aficionado.. Something tells me that until you can do a blind taste test and correctly identify which Cuban you’re smoking, you better be careful how you announce your status in this game that we play……

Good luck!