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From Oct 17, 2007: Bolivar Gold Medal – an old classic is resurrected.

The Gold Medal was Bolivar’s signature vitola, namely a Cervantes, length 6 1/2″ x 42.  This was a renowned lonsdale, which is quite uncommon these days, with a demand similar to the Partagas 898 Varnished Boxes.  Boxes of the Bolivar Gold Medal‘s were still available as late as 1992 when Habanos SA officially removed the cigar from its catalog.  After 1992 the Gold Medal became hugely sought after as a collector’s item and counterfeits were popping up everywhere.

Four boxes of alleged 1998 Gold Medals were put up for sale in the March 2000 Christie’s Auction. They were withdrawn after Habano S.A. confirmed that the Gold Medals are no longer made.

This year Habanos SA has re-released this cigar for all of us cigar lovers to enjoy once again.  You can pick some up on our website here.

Here is what some people had to say about the Bolivar Gold Medals:

The Bolivar Gold Medal’s unique three-quarter length golden aluminum foil wrapping possesses a strange attraction, right down to my fancy of using them as Christmas tree decoration. And if the gold foil is able to foil one into thinking sweet chocolate taste, then it deserves the medal.

There is nothing “sweet” about the Gold Medal. This cigar is about pure Cuban tobacco strength and taste and some harshness at times, even with more than 10 years of aging.

What a good cigar! This smoke started quite mild, somewhat uncharacteristic of the Bolis I’ve smoked. The smoke was creamy and smooth, with nice overtones of honey and coffee. Through the middle, it became a bit more strong and ordinary, with mainly flavours of wood. Toward the end, I picked up hints of raisins and cinnamon, combining nicely with the wood. If these cigars continue to improve with age they’ll be nothing short of perfection in around a year.