Bolivar Royal Coronas Tubos

What we have here is a very beautiful Bolivar Royal Coronas in a very attractive tube that has kept to the great Bolivar standard of excellence.  From time to time a cigar brand will introduce a packaging gimmick that will detract from the product itself and leave the consumer wondering what the point of the change was in the first place.

I’m a fan of cigars in tubes because of the ease of carrying and storing in a pocket when you go out at night, or in a tackle box on the lake or in a pocket of your golf bag.  This instance proved to fans and devotees of the Bolivar brand to be a big plus with the taste as well.  The Robusto still has the beautiful earthy full flavor that we’ve come to know through the years but a certain mellowness also came in these Robustos that took a few of us by surprise..

I have a few of these in one of my humidors and I really want to leave them for 10 or 15 years to see how they age and develop as time goes by.  Right out of the box they were great and I can only see impressive changes to come with this edition!