Bundle Cigars Again !

Not long ago I mentioned in this blog that I have been smoking bundle cigars from “The Vancouver Cigar Company”.  As you can see in the photo, I have paint on my hands from a bit of a small job I’m doing with my wife and for the last week I’ve been smoking at least 2 of these wonderful Robustos a day..

For fear of sounding a bit repetitive I have to tell you that if you are reading this blog and if you have any kind of passion for Cuban Cigars it would be in your best interest to contact Trevor at ” The Vancouver Cigar Company” and order a bundle of these wonderful examples of Cuban Pride !!!!!

The price is outrageous for the quality of cigar you’ll get…  I have a whole bunch of different cigars in my humidors these days but day after days I keep picking a few of these to smoke a day.  They come in three different sizes.. A Mareva, a Robusto and a churchill..  All very full bodied and all constructed perfectly……….

Do it!!!!!!!!!

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