Christmas Comes Early With HDM

A few moments ago I just opened a wonderful box of one of my favorite Robustos from Hoyo de Monterrey, the Epicure No. 2.  The guys at “The Vancouver Cigar Company” never let me down when it comes to prompt and consistent delivery whenever I order a box of cigars..

As you can see the cigars have a double band and this box has a bit of age, being from October of ’08.  First cigar ( I had to light one right away ) reminded me once again of the importance of ordering cigars from a company that gets their stock from the “source”… In this case, Havana House !!!  It tasted a tad young but still had all of the flavors that I’ve come to love from HDM; bold, powerful (without being harsh) and complex.

I’ll try to do my best to take my time with these great Robustos and not smoke them all in the first 6 months….. Well, time will tell… Wish me luck!!!!!