Cigar Art and Illustration

For over 100 years art has been used to decorate cigar boxes, cigar posters, cigar bands and any kind of advertisement to sell cigars.  It seems to me that some of the world’s most innovative artists and illustrators were employed to help getting the message out that cigars were synonymous with success, relaxation and escape of all forms.

Quite often the American and Latin American natives were used in the illustrations….

Different exotic looking peoples from all over the world were included in the images as well..

It appears that in the early 20’s the art deco movement had it’s share of cigar art….

These pictures are only a small fraction of all of the beautiful work that you will see in reference to cigars and their illustrations.  Books have been written on the topic, posters have been printed and many artists have put brush to canvas and expressed their impressions on this topic.  Great cigars, great art and wonderful memories that live forever…