Cigar Bands ..

just one option

Used cigar bands are a lot of fun to look at from time to time…… Especially when you want to remember what you’ve smoked in the last few months and see if your taste in cigars has changed.  I don’t know about you but all I have to do is look at a band and tell you if I enjoyed the cigar and if I’d buy it again.  This picture above includes a few bands I end up tossing on to a table in our garage and I get a kick out of keeping them.

There are those who get into a bit more detailed diary of cigars they’ve smoked and these folks paste the band into a book and make notes about how the cigar tasted, burned or even the price of the stick itself!  As time goes on I think that I’ll try to be more disciplined and get a good cigar diary going.. I guess as I get old I’ll have bands that are discontinued and cigar memories that will stay in the back of my mind till I go to my grave!